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Hawu, salibonani bakhithi (wow, greetings folks). As always, if you are new, please read from the post right at the bottom (scroll down) and then finish with today's newest post.

Lamhla sizakuxoxa amabhuku (today we will chat books). There are new links to amazon.com and other places you can order Ndebele books from. Khathesi siyakhangela ilink "Books" phezulu njenge mafree pdf's (now we'll look at the "Books" link at the top for links like these free pdf's):

http://www.biblica.com/bibles/ndebele/ e.g. http://www.biblica.com/uploads/pdf-files/bibles/ndebele/nt/UMathewu.pdf for UMathewu (Matthew).

or a list of Ndebele books at:


such as Ithemba Kalibulali (Hope does not kill):


Nxa uyafuna ukuhamba e"Books", tshova (If you'd like to go to the "Books", push) : http://northernndebele.blogspot.com/p/books-and-resources.html

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