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Salibonani bangane (It is nice to see you/ hello friends). As always, if you are new, please read the siNdebele lessons from the bottom (scroll down) and work up to this, the newest post. As usual, the Ndebele words are in bold where possible and translated in brackets. If you want to learn isiNdebele more formally, look at the "Lessons" tab. There will be regularly updated Ndebele lessons in this tab: 


Lamuhla, ngifuna ukulala njengengwenya (today, I want to sleep like a crocodile [made up phrase]) so I will just give you a few new phrases to continue your fun journey. There are other tabs above for you to investigate. 

funa = to want e.g. uyafuna ukuhamba, baba? (do you want to leave, man?)
phakathi = inside
indlu = house
ngwenya = crocodile e.g. amandla ethu njengengwenya emanzini ayesemphakathini (our/ my strength is like a crocodile in the water)
Hayi, suka, ngidiniwe = No, get lost (playful use usually), I am tired) e.g. if someone says a funny joke or plays a prank, you can say "Hayi, suka!" or "hayi, usile!"
Usile = you are silly

Kulungile bangane, khathesi, ngizakulala njengengwenya (Alright friends, now, I am going to sleep like a flat dog (crocodile))

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  1. Usile - you are silly. kangvumelani lakho lokhu. Usile ngelenje ibala elitsho ukuhlakanipha


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