Ndebele songs and dancing

Salibonani bangane (It is nice to see you/ hello friends). As always, if you are new, please read the siNdebele lessons from the bottom (scroll down) and work up to this, the newest post. Lamhla, I want to just show you an interesting siNdebele song we were listening too. It is called Vumelani Isangoma and you can see it on Youtube here:

 Vumelani Isangoma

Also, here is some old but good songs:
by Black Umfolosi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJw18UhMzVo

by Dorothy Masuku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oL8c7ZAdNU

Njalo, nxa uyafuna ukujiva (And, if you'd like to jive/dance), you can pick up some of the dance moves from these videos:



After you have finished reading the blog posts at the bottom of this page, you can check out the other tabs at the top of the site such as the free Ndebele lessons. Lesson 4 is up if you go to the lessons tab above or click here:

Sure bakhithi, enjoy the music, tshaya ngoma (hit that song).


  1. Hi

    Do you have any nursery rhyme songs and cartoons in Ndebele

    1. On Youtube, there is "The Bulawayo Show" but it is not really for abantwana if that's what you mean


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