The Prefix for the Negative

Salibonani bangane (nice to see you friends).

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Kulungile, lamhla, let us look at some grammar.

Manje, we can all make sentences like this by now, angithi?

  1. Ngiyahamba (Ngi-ya-hamba) - I am going
  2. Ngifuna itiye eletshukela - I want tea with sugar
  3. Umama ulabantwana - Mother has children
  4. Ngilemali - I have money
Right, well, now we can add the prefix for the negative "a-", so that we say ukuthi:

  • Angihambi (a-ngi-hambi) - I do not go
  • Angifuni - I do not want
  • Angila (a-ngi-la) - I do not have
For example, angilemali (I don't have money). Remember, as shown above, with the negative prefix "a-", oftens comes the ending "-i". For example, it is not angihamba, but angihambi, and it is not angikhuluma, but angikhulumi.

For more formal lessons, see the lessons tab. Have fun bakithi.


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