Today's story: Money Matters

Samukele! (Welcome).

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Lamhla, let us explore some parts about money in siNdebele.

We know that imali (money) is a ways to a means, angithi? Kulungile, let us explore some words.

A dollar is idola and dollars are amadola. 
Change is intshintshi so you could ask someone, "Lilentshintshi na?" (do you have money please?).

If something is cheap, it is "tshipa", from the noun "ukutshipa", to be cheap. So you could say, "
kutshipile" (it is cheap).

As we saw, imali is "money" and thus malini is "how much money?/ how much does it cost?" If you didn't hear the answer, you could say "utheni?" (what did you say?) or "khuluma futhi" (say it again). You might be saying this at the "isitolo" (the store/ shop).

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