Prefixes- beginning a verb/action

Unjani umngane (How are you, friend)? You may have gathered from the last post, that there are different prefixes/ beginnings for I, you, you plural, we, they etc. This is similar to the French conjugation beginnings/ prefixes, but generally the verbs stay the same in isiNdebele. Here is an example:

Ngi= I, whereas Si= we

so ngiyaphila= I am fine, whereas siyaphila= we are fine

The prefixes are:

Ngi= I
u= you(singular), he or she
si= we
li= you (plural)
ba= they

So using a common verb, hamba= go, we have:

ngihamba=I go
uhamba= you (sing.), he or she goes
sihamba= we go
lihamba= you (plural) go
bahamba= they go

Until next lesson, hambani kahle abangane


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