Vocab words

Abangane, nansi i-alphabetical list of verbs. It is a long list, please let us know if you think of more at northernndebeleblog@gmail.com, ngicabanga ukuthi uzakudinga izinto zakho. Nansi bakhithi:

aba v.t. -- share; share out.

abela v.t. -- share; allot to; share among.

ahluka v.i. -- differ; become different.

ahlukana v.i. -- 1; differ from; get divided or parted from.

ahlukanisa v.t. -- 1; separate; divâde; detach. 2; adjudge a ca

ahlukanisela v.t. -- separate for; consecrate; dedicate; sanctify

ahlula v.t. -- beat; overcome; conquer.

ahluleka v.i. -- be overcome; fail; be unable.

ahlulela v.t. -- judge.

akhela v.t. -- build at; build for.

akhelana v.t. -- 1; build for one another. 2; build near one

ala v.t. & v.i. -- deny; refuse (alana: refuse one anoth

alela v.t. -- forbid; refuse.

aluka v.i.; v.t -- 1;v.i. go out to graze. 2; v.t.; plait; weave; k

ambula v.t. -- 1; uncover; reveal. 2; strip off.

amuka v.t. -- deprive; take away.

amukela v.t. -- accept; receive; welcome.

amukezelana v.t. -- pass or hand to one another; pass round.

anda v.i. -- 1; grow; increase; multiply; spread. 2; bec

andisa v.t. -- spread; increase; expand; multiply.

anela v.i -- 1; v.i.; become enough; become sufficient for. 2;

anelisa v.t. -- satisfy.

anga v.t. -- kiss.

anyisa v.i. -- suckle.

aphuka v.i. -- get broken; get broken off; get fractured.

aphula v.t. -- break; snap off; break law etc.; fracture.

azana v.i. -- 1; know one another; 2; like and respect one a

azisa v.t. -- acquaint make known v introduce; advertise i

ba v.i. -- be become.

baba v.i. -- be acrid; be bitter.

babala v.t. -- be intent upon.

babaza v.t. -- 1; admire; praise; 2; be surprised at; 3; do

babela v.t. -- burn off grass.

bala v.t. -- 1; read 2; count; reckon.

balaza v.i. -- leave marks behind.

baleka v.i. -- run away; flee.

balela v.t. -- count for; reckon against. v.i.: shine with

balisana v.i. -- reckon with one another settle with (accounts;etc)

bamba v.t. -- 1; catch; grip; grasp; hold; sieze; 2; arres

bambeka v.i. -- 1; be held; be in the grip of 2; be busy; be w

bambela v.t. -- 1; hold or grasp for 2; bambela inhliziyo=ha

bambelela v.t. -- 1; cleave to; cling to; hold fast to; persev

bambisa v.t. -- 1; pledge; 2; help.

banda v.t. -- chop wood.

bandakanya v.t. -- pin against; couple with.

bandezela v.t. -- crowd; press against.

bandlulula v.t. -- disown or reject (from the family or tribe); discriminate.

banga v.t. -- 1; cause something un-pleasant; stir up some

bangisana v.i. & v.t. -- rival; contend with one another.

bangula v.t. -- extract thorn.

basa v.t. -- kindle a fire.

baza v.t. -- carve wood; do carpentry.

bejela v.i. -- be determined to (in perf. e.g.; ubhejele uk

beka v.t. -- 1; place; put; 2; appoint to office; 3; belu

bekela v.t. -- 1; put in; put for; put by; store; 2; bekela

bekelela v.t. -- 1; heap up one on another; 2; store up for;

bekezela v.i. -- endure; have patience; be longsuffering.

beletha v.t. -- 1; give birth to a child; 2; carry child on

belethisa v.t. -- assist at a birth.

benga v.t. -- cut meat in strips.

benyezela v.i. -- flash; glint; reflect.

betha v.t. -- 1; beat; hit; strike (betha ikhwelo=whistle)

bethana v i. -- clash; collide.

bethela v.t. -- 1; hammer in; 2; crucify.

bhaca v.i. -- hide.

bhacaza v.t. -- squelch in mud.

bhaceka v.i. -- begin to bear (of mealies).

bhada v.t. -- 1; plaster (walls); 2; plate with metal.

bhadala v.t. -- pay wages; pay money.

bhadalaza v.t. -- improvise.

bhadazela v.i. -- flounder (in speech or in action).

bhadlaza v.t. -- say something blantly.

bhaha v.i. -- spread; become plentiful (of destructive insects; etc.)

bhajwa v.pass. -- get stuck (as of vehicle in river etc.).

bhala v.t. -- write.

bhansula v.t. -- strike gently; pat.

bhaphathiza v.t. -- baptise.

bhaqa v.t. -- pierce the rolling target in the game called

bhavuma v.i -- growl.

bhaxula v.t. -- strike with a flexible object; whip.

bhazalala v.i. -- lie down flat; sprawl out .

bhazuka v.i. -- break away from (as one separating from a group)

bhebha v.i. -- blaze; flaine; burn up.

bhebheza v.t. -- fan up flames.

bheda v.i. -- talk nonsense; talk wildly.

bheja v.i; v.t. -- bet.

bhema v.t. & v.i. -- 1; smoke tobacco; 2; take snuff.

bhemisa v.t. -- 1; give snuff; 2; give a whiff of the pipe b

bhensa v.i. -- bend inwards (of the back as due to load; et

bhewuka v.i. -- overturn.

bhibhidla v.i. -- suppurate; fester.

bhidlika v.i. -- fall down; subside; become demolished (of wa

bhidliza v.t. -- demolish; throw down smash.

bhija v.t. -- drink to the dregs.

bhilikica v.t. -- touch or hold with dirty hands.

bhinqika v.i. -- wriggle; writhe; squirm.

bhoboka v.i. -- 1; break up (of clouds); 2; get pierced or p

bhoboza v.t. -- 1; break through; 2; pierce; puncture.

bhoda v.i.;v.t. -- go round.

bhodabhoda v.i.;v.t. -- wind about.

bhodla v.i.;v.t. -- belch up wind; break wind.

bhola v.t. -- drill a hole.

bhonga v.i. -- grunt; roar.

bhonsa v.i. -- low (of cattle).

bhonxula v.t. -- wrench of; break off at a joint (as maize co

bhotsha v.i.;v.t. -- excrete.

bhubha v.i. -- perish; die.

bhubhisa v.t. -- destroy (pass. bhujiswa).

bhubhudla v.i. -- foam; throw up foam (as sea); froth.

bhuda v.i. -- talk rashly.

bhudluza v.t. -- break into small pieces; crumble.

bhudula v.t. -- search minutely.

bhukuda v.t. -- stab.

bhukutsha v.i. -- play in water.

bhula v.t. -- 1; thresh; stamp corn; 2; divine. enclose.

bhumbuthela v.t. -- put too much; be wasteful with (as salt; wat

bhuqa v.t -- 1; destroy completely; devastate; 2; harrow.

bhuquza v.t. -- kick up dust.

bihla v.i. -- shed tears silently.

bika v.t. -- announce; report.

bikezela v.i.;v.t. -- foretale 1; . prophesy.

bila v.i. -- boil. bubble.

bilisa v.t. -- boil.

binda v.t. -- throw (in wrestling).

bindana v.i. -- wrestle.

bingelela v.t. -- greet.

binya v.i. -- writhe.

binyizela v.i. -- wriggle about.

bipha v.i. -- look annoyed or downcast.

biya v.t. -- fence; mmon; 2; name; give a name to; 3 biza

biza v.t. -- 1; call; suisi-bhulo (isi›'izi): threshing s

bobotheka v.i. -- smile.

bohla v.i. -- subside.

bola v.i. -- decay; rot.

boleka v.t. -- l; borrow (with loc.); 2; lend.

bona v.t. -- l; see; 2; perceive; understand.

bonakala v.i. -- 1; appear; be visible; 2; be clear; be evide

bonakalisa v.t. -- demonstrate; show; reveal; disclose.

bonda v.t. -- stir; stir up; mix; mash.

bonela v.t. -- 1; take care of; 2; take greetings to; 3; co

bonelela v.t. -- treat leniently.

bonga v.t. -- 1; appreciate; thank; give thanks; 2; praise

bonisa v.t. -- 1; cause to see; show; 2; oversee; administe

bopha v.t. -- 1; bind; fasten; tie 2; arrest.

bophela v.t. -- 1; hang (by neck); 2; harnessl inspan.

botoka v.i. -- be soft when felt with fingers.

botoza v.t. -- feel gently with fingers; palpate.

bovula v.i. -- bellow excitedly

bubula v.i. -- groan; moan; sigh.

buka v t. -- admire; look at with admiration; gaze at.

bukeka v.i. -- be attractive; be admirable be niì to look a

bukela v.t. -- watch (something happening)

bukeza v.t. -- 1; refine grain ready for making beer; 2; do

bulala v.t. -- 1; murder; kill; 2; break to pieìs; 3; destr

bulunga v.t. -- shape round (as knob on stick).

bumba v.t. -- mould; make with clay

buna v.i. -- fade; droop.

bungaza v.i. -- gather around.

busa v.t. & v.i. -- 1; rule; reign; 2; be well off and co

busisa v.t. -- bless.

butha v.t. -- collect; gather.

buthana v.i. -- assemble; gather together.

buyela v.i. -- go back to; return to.

buyisa v.t. -- 1; bring back (here); send back (here); retu

buyisana v.i. -- be reconciled wiäh.

buyisela v.t. -- 1; take back (there); send back (there); ret

buza v.t. -- ask a question; question.

buzisisa v.t. -- enquire carefully.

caba v.t. -- 1; clear trees; etc. (to build); set up one'

cabanga v.t. -- think.

caca v.i. -- become clear; obvious. bcacada; v.t.: shell

cacada v.t. -- shell nuts.

caka v.i. -- bccome thin; become emaciated.

cambalala v.i. -- lie down (stretched out). ocanda; v.r.: cut

canda v.t. -- cut up into portions.

candula v.t -- 1; recondition iron instrument; 2; refresh.

canduleka v.i. -- 1; become renewed or rejuvenated; 2; get rec

caphuka v.i. -- get angry; get annoyed.

caphula v.t. -- offend a person; annoy. Zcaphuna; v.t.: scoo

casuka v.i. -- become nauseated.

casula v.t. -- nauseate.

cathama v.i. -- crouch down to hide.

cathamela v.i. -- crouch down in hiding and wait for; ambush.

cathula v.i. -- toddle (as a child).

catsha v.i. -- hide.

ceba v.t. -- 1; give away; accuse; inform against; 2; plo

cebisana v.i -- plot or conspire together.

ceca v.i. -- be adorned; wear ornaments.

cecisa v.t. -- adorn; beautify; decorate.

cela v.t. -- ask for; request.

cenga v.t. -- strain; purify liquid.

cengeka v.i. -- become clear or pure (of liquid).

centa v.t. -- clear away (grass; scrub; etc.).

cethula v.i. -- get clear (sky).

ceza v.t. -- 1; go round; bypass; skirt; 2; go on a

cezuka v.i. -- get chipped off; get split (of hard substanc

cezula v.t. -- chip off; split (of hard suS stance); break

chachamba v.i. -- 1; make noise of crackling crackle 2; burst

chama v.i; v.t. -- urinate.

chamisela v.t. -- hatch.

chamusela v.t. -- hatch.

chapha v.t. -- cross over; ford

chaphakela v.i. -- splash on to.

chaphazela v.t. -- splash on to.

chasisa v.t. -- explain; clarify.

chasisela v.t. -- explain for; interpret.

chathaza v.t. -- serve or pour out in small amounts.

chatheka v.t. -- pour out; serve out.

chaya v.t. -- 1; spread out to dry; 2; spread cut in open;

chaza v.t. -- explain.

chela v.t. -- sprinkle.

chelesa v.i. -- be comfortable; be happy; live at ease.

chinsa v.t. -- 1; . eat of first fruits (done ceremonially

chitha v.t. -- 1; abolish; ann;ihilate; destroy; 2; scatter

chitheka v.i. -- 1; get scattered; 2; spill overflow; 3; beco

choboza v.t. -- crush. chola; v.t.: grind finely.

chophelela v.i. -- persevere; persist.

chothoza v.t. -- critioise; backbite.

chuma v.i -- become civil; become mild; become polite; bec

chwaya v.t. -- sound out; test.

ciba v.t. -- hurl sharp weapon; hurl sharp weapon at.

cibikeza v.t. -- squash.

cibiza v.t. -- squash.

cimeza v.t. -- close eyes tightly.

cina v.i.;v.t. -- end; terminate; stop.

cindezela v.t. -- 1; press; press against; 2; compel; force; o

cinga v.t. -- 1; look for 2; examine.

cocobisa v.i. -- remain quiet; restrained.

cola v.t. -- give feast in honour of.

coleka v.i. -- become fine; pure.

comba v.t. -- mark with a spot.

cotsha v.i.;v.t. -- pick up with beak; peck at.

cuba v.i. -- starve to death (of animals).

cuba v.t. -- mix with water and knead with hands.

cubuka v.i. -- get squashed.

cubungula v.t. -- pick out carefully (as some seeds from other

cubuza v.t. -- squash.

cuca v.t. -- deprive another (by continually borrowing or

cunuka v.i. -- get disgusted.

cunula v.t. -- disgust; nauseate.

cupha v.t. -- take out (a fefiv from many).

cutha v.t. -- pluck feathers.

cuya v.t. -- cut ofl small pieces (as flesh).

cwayiza v.t. -- blink; wink.

cwazima v.i. -- flash. swazimuia; v.i.: shine brightly; glis

cwazimula v.i. -- shine brightly; glisten; glitter.

cweba v.i. -- become clear or pure (of water).

cwenga v.t. -- strain.

cwethula v.i. -- get clear (of sky). swila; v.i.: sink into;

cwila v.i. -- sink into; dive into.

cwilisa v.t. -- dip; sirik; p!unge.

dabuka v.i. -- 1; get torn; get split; get craciced; 2; bec

dabukisa v.t. -- grieve.

dabula v.t. -- 1; tear. split; crack; 2; saw through 3; crc

dabulela v.t. -- 1; break up a crowd; send people away; dismi

dakisa v.t. -- make drunk.

dakwa v.i. -- be drunk.

dala v.t. -- create.

dalula v.t. -- expose.

damba v.i. -- 1; subside; go down; 2; be calmed.

dambisa v.t. -- 1; cause to go down; 2; calm; soothe.

damuka v.i. -- break up; disperse (of clouds).

dana v.i. -- become disappointed; become sad; become deje

dandalaza v.i. -- come into view; come into the open.

dangala v.i. -- become dejected; become depressed in spirit.

dangalaza v.i. -- be astride; sit astride stand astride.

danisa v.t. -- sadden; disappoint; depress; discourage.

daxazela v.i. -- make squelching noise.

daya v.t. -- roll along.

dayizela v.i. -- stagger (as a drunkard).

daza v.t. -- split down; cut in strips.

dazuka v.i. -- get split down.

dazula v.t. -- split down.

dazuluka v.i. -- cry or shriek with pain.

deda v.i. -- 1; die down (of flames or fire) 2; get out o

dedesa v.i. -- cry often (with no apparent reason).

dela v.i. -- 1; become satisfied 2; abandon; give up; los

delela v.t. -- despise; scorn.

deleleka v.i. -- become contemptible.

dembesela v.i. -- act in a careless or lazy way.

depha v.i. -- become deep; grow tall or long.

dibana v.i. -- get mixed.

dibanisa v.t. -- mix.

dida v.t. -- confuse; baffle; mislead.

dideka v.i. -- become confused; become bafflcd.

didizela v.i. -- bustle about.

dikiza v.i. -- palpitate (of heart); twitch.

dilika v.i. -- fall down (of building; wall).

dilingana v.i. -- 1. become full or round (as of moon); 2; imbi

diliza v.t. -- destroy; pull down.

dinda v.t. -- 1; beat soundly; belabour; 2; stamp (as with

dindiliza v.i. -- lie stretched out.

dinga v.t. -- l; lookfor; seek; 2; miss; need.

dingeka v.i. -- be missing; be needful; be necessary.

dinisa v.t. -- tire.

dinsila v.t. -- throw down heavily (as a load).

dinwa v.i. -- get tired

ditshizela v.i. -- walk heavily. u-diwo (ulu/ izin): small clay

dlala v.i. & v.t. -- play; play about.

dlalisa v.t. -- amuse; cause to play; play with (a ball; etc).

dlavuza v.t. -- make tatters; tear to tatters.

dlelana v.i. -- bc friendly.

dlelezela v.t. -- cheat; defraud.

dlephula v.t. -- scratch; tear (with nails; claws; etc.).

dlephuna v.t. -- scratch; tear (with nails; claws; etc.).

dlisa v.t. -- l; poison; 2; cause to eat.

dlova v.t. -- attack roughly.

dlubulunda. v.i. -- break free of control.

dlukuza v.t. -- jerk violently; jolt.

dlula v.t. -- 1; pass by; pass; 2; exceed; surpass; 3; pas

dlulisa v.t. -- send past.

dlulisela v.t. -- send forward; appeal to.

dlwengula v.t. -- rape; ravish.

dobha v.t. -- pick up.

donda v.i. -- delay; be slow (on purpose); dawdle.

dondobala v.i. -- grow weak (due to age; sickness).

dondolozela v.i. -- go along with aid of staff.

donsa v.t. -- 1; draw; drag; pull; haul; 2; attract; 3; le

duba v.t. -- afflict; annoy; trouble; worry.

dubeka v.i. -- become troubled

duda v.t. -- rouse or excite passion.

dudaza v.t. -- comfort; console.

dudula v.t. -- push back; repel.

duha v.i -- go astray; stray.

duhisa v.t. -- kad astray.

dukluza v.t. -- 1; hit hard on something; 2; Jab.

dula v.i. -- be expensive.

duma v.i. -- 1; thunder; rumble; 2; become famous.

dumala v.i. -- become dejected; become depressed.

dumaza v.t. -- 1; dishonour; 2; disapponit.

dumela v.t. -- attack; rush at; kap at.

dumisa v.t. -- 1; adore; praise; worship honour; glorify; 2

dundubala v.i. -- arrive at the summit; come to the top

dunga v.t. -- agitate liquid; stir up mud (from the bottom

dungulula v.t. -- disturb.

dutshuza v.t. -- hit hard; hit with fist

dweba v.t. -- draw; draw lines

eba v.t. -- steal.

eboleka v.t. -- 1; borrow (with loe); 2; lend.

ebuka v.i. -- get stripped off; get peeled off.

ebula v.t. -- peel off (bark; fibre; vegetables; ete.).

ehla v.i;v.t. -- come down; go down desìnd.

ehlela v.t. & v.i. -- 1; come down to; go down to; alight u

ehlelwa v.i. -- experienee (N.B.: ehlelwa liphupho=fall into

ehlika v.i. -- come down off; dismount disembark.

ehlisa v.t. -- 1; abase; bring down; put down; lower; 2; gi

ejwayela v.t. -- get aecustomed to; get used to; do habituall

ejwayeleka v.i. -- become customary.

ejwayeza v.t. -- accustom; familiarise. da; v.t.: winnow.

ela v.t. -- winnow.

elama v.t. -- follow in order of birth or rank.

elapha v.t. -- treat medieally; cure.

eleka v.t -- 1; add on to; add more; 2; suppo -elekelela;

elula v.t. -- stretch out hand; arm or leg.

eluleka v.t. -- advise; put right.

emula v.i. -- begin to (as: begin to get pregnant; begin t

enaba v.i. -- lie on the back with legs out.

enama v.i -- be happy; be content.

enana v.i. -- retaliate.

enanisa v.t. -- pay back; pay in exchange.

enda v.i. -- marry; take a husband.

endisa v.t. -- marry off; give a girl in marriage.

endlaleka v.i -- be spread out.

endlula v.t. -- roll up (mat; bedding; ete.).

eneka v.t. -- air clothes; etc; ; air a grievance.

engama v.t. -- 1; hang over; lean over; 2; overawe.

engeza v.t. -- add on to; increase.

engezelela v.t. -- add on to.

engula v.t. -- remove scum; skim off.

enwaya v.t. -- scratch irritating place.

enyanya v.t. -- dislike very much.

enyanyeka v.i. -- be disgusting.

enyela v.i. -- 1; be dislocated; be sprained; 2; be diseont

enyisa v.t. -- suckle (of animals).

enyuka v.i. -- ascend.

enyula v.t. -- pick object out of water.

enza v.t. -- aceomplish; act; do; make.

enzakala v.i. -- get done; happen.

enzeka v.i. -- get done; happen (N.B.: kungenzeka=it can be

enzela v.t. -- do for another.

enzisisa v.t. -- do earnestly.

ephula v.t. -- remove pot from fire.

eqa v.t. & v.i. -- 1; jump; jump over; leap; bounce; hop

eqisa v.t. & v.i. -- 1; ; cause to jump; bounce; etc.; 2;

esaba v.i. & v.t. -- be afraid; fear.

esabeka v.i. -- be fearful; be terrible; be fierce.

esula v.t. -- wipe; wipe off; wipe out.

etha. v.t. -- pour milk through a funnel.

ethekela v.t. -- visit.

ethuka v.i. -- be frightened; be startled.

ethula v.t. -- offload; unload; take off.

ethusa v.t. -- frighten; startle.

ethwesa v.t. -- burden; load on to.

etsh'a v.i. -- go down; subside.

etsh'ata v.t. -- carry on shoulder.

etsh'isa v.t. -- ruminate; chew the cud.

eya v.t. -- look down upon; despise.

eyama v.i. -- lean on.

eyamisa v.t. -- lean on.

eyisa v.t. -- despise.

fa v.i. -- die; come to an end.

fafaza v.t. -- spray; sprinkle (water).

faka v.t. -- put in; put on.

fakaza v.i. & v.t. -- testify; witness; bear witness to.

famanga v.i. -- be fragile; break easily.

fana v.i. -- be like; resemble.

fanana v.i. -- be like; resemble.

fananisa v.t. -- liken to; compare with

fanela v.i. -- 1; become necessary (e.g. kufanele=it is necessary)

fanisa v.t. -- liken to; compare with.

faza v.t. -- spray; spurt.

feba v.i. -- commit adultery

feceka v.i. -- get bent over and broken.

feceza v.i. -- talk scandal.

feceza v.t. -- bend over and break; turn over (as edge of k

fehlezela v.i. -- walk with swagger.

feketha v.i. -- become speckled or spotted.

fela v.t. -- 1; die for; die at; 2; fela umona = be envio

felwa v.i. -- be bereaved of; lose through death.

feza v.t. -- accomplish. [foot; u-fezela (u/o): scorpion.

fica v.t. -- 1; come upon; catch up with; find 2; wink th

fihla v.t. -- hide (zifihla=hide oneself).

fihlakala v i. -- get hidden.

fihliza v.t. -- crush.

fika v.i. -- come; arrive; reach.

fikela v.t. -- befall.

filisa v.t. -- frustrate; confound

finya v.t. -- wipe or blow the nose.

finyela v.i. -- become short.

finyelela v.t. -- attain; reach; reach up to.

finyeza v.t. -- shorten.

fiphala v.i. -- cloud over; get cloudy; become dark or dim;

fiphaza v.t. -- darken; obscure.

fisa v.t. -- 1; wish; wish for; 2; cause to die.

fithizela v.t. -- press down (with hand; etc.).

fohla v.t. -- break through (fence; hedge; etc.); break do

fohlakala v.i. -- get smashed; get broken into.

fola v.i.;v.t. -- 1; drill; line up; 2; sniff; sniffup.

foma v.i. -- begin to bud; begin to put forth.

fuba v.i. -- 1; be half done; be half cooked; 2; be not f

fubisa v.t. -- interrupt another (before he has completed s

fudumala v.i. -- become warm; become sultry.

fudumeza v.t. -- warm up.

fuga v.t. -- push a cart; etc.

fuka v.t. -- earth up (as potatoes).

fukama v.i. -- 1; be broody; sit on eggs; 2; incubate.

fukamela v.t. -- 1; sit on eggs 2; shelter.

fukula v.t. -- lift heavy object.

fukuzela v.i. -- walk with clothes swinging about; walk with

fula v.t. -- gather green crops from field (for immediate

fulathela v.t. -- disregard; turn the back upon.

fulela v.t. -- cover up (wilh grass); thatch.

fumana v.t. -- find.

fumanisa v.t. -- find.

fumba v.t. -- throw down in a heap.

fumbatha v.t. -- clench the hand; hold in closed hand.

fumfusa v.i. -- begin to bud (as trees).

funa v.t. -- 1; desire; want; 2; seek. funa; conj.: lest.

funda v.t. -- 1; learn; 2; read.

fundisa v.t. -- teach; educate.

funeka v.i. -- be desirable.

funga v.t. -- swear by; take an oath; vow.

funza v.t. -- feed a child (with spoon; etc.)

fusa v.t. -- heat up (to faalitate removal of bark; mcali

futha v.t. -- 1; v.t.; suffocate; smother; pelt with many stones

futheka v.i. -- be keen; feel strong emotion (anger; etc.).

futhelana v.i. -- suffocate; become smothered.

fuya v.t. -- 1; own stock; rear animals; breed; 2; inheri

fuywa v.i. -- 1; be addicted to; 2; be domesticated.

fuza v.t. -- 1; be like; resemble (esp. of family likenes

gabaza v.i. -- talk thoughtlessly.

gabisa v.t. -- show conceit over.

gadla v.t. -- strike a hard blow.

gagasa v.i. -- stammer; stutter.

galula v.i. -- drown.

gama v.t. -- 1; catch; 2; interrupt speaker.

gamula v.t. -- chop down (earth; stones).

gana v.i. -- become betrothed; fall in love.

ganda v.t. -- pound; stamp.

gandela v.t. -- press down (earth; stones).

ganga v.i. -- act fooolishly; be mischievous.

gaqa v.i. -- crawl.

gaxa v.t. -- hang around the neck; place across the body

gaya v.t. -- grind corn.

gayeka v.i. -- be coarse (as unsifted corn).

gcama v.t. -- sew thatch.

gcika v.t. -- put leaves in a vessel (to prevent water spi

gcina v.t. -- keep; observe; preserve.

gcizelela v.i. -- repeat with emphasis.

gcoba v.t. -- 1; annoint oil; smear on (face or body); 2;

gcona v.t. -- 1; accuse wrongly; 2; ridicule; dishonour; s

gcwala v.i.;v.t. -- become full; fill up.

gcwalelwa v.pass. -- be prevented from crossing ( by a full river).

gcwalisa v.t. -- 1; fill; 2; fulfill.

gcwaliseka v.i. -- become fulfilled.

gcwiliza v.i. -- 1; bubble; 2; bob up and down; 3; splash.

gebenga v.i.;v.t. -- act lawlessly.

gebha v.t -- dig.

geca v.t. -- cut; cut at with a knife; knife.

gedezela v.i -- shake; tremble.

gedla v.i. -- grind or gnash teeth; make a grating noise.

gedleza v.i. -- rattle ( of wheel; etc.).

gela v.t. -- cut hair.

geleza v.i. -- flow freely.

genqeza v.i. -- clatter; rattle (as vessels; pots; wheels; e

-genquka v.i. -- get overturned.

genqula v.t. -- overturn invert.

geqa v.t. -- clean out calabash with pebbles and water.

geza v.t. -- wash (oneself); wash part of oneself.

gezisa v.t. -- wash.

gida v.i.;v.t. -- dance.

gidiza v.i. -- make noise with many feet.

giga v.t. -- stamp or pound corn.

gijima v.i.;v.t. -- run.

gijima v.i.;v.t. -- run.

gila v.t. -- do something unfavourable; act umpleeasantly.

ginqa v.i. -- perspire; sweat.

ginya v.t. -- absorb; swallow

giqa v.t. -- roll along.

giqika v.i. -- roll.

giya v.i. -- do war dance.

goba v.i.;v.t. -- bend; become bent.

gobeka v.i. -- become bent.

gobhoza v.i. -- spring; bubble up; flow.

gobisa v.t. -- bend.

godla v.t. -- 1; carry under the arm; 2; withhold; hold ba

godola v.i. -- cold; .feel the cold.

goduka v.i. -- 1; depart; go home; 2; die of old age being

gogeka v.i. -- become bent or rippled.

gola v.t. -- catch fish; insects; etc.

golomba v.t. -- 1; .provoke; 2; coax.

gombolozela v.t. -- encircle; surround.

gomela v.i. -- 1; swear; insist; 2; be near to death.

gomfa v.i. -- be bent.

gomonqa v.i. -- 1; hang upside down; 2; somersault.

gomonqisa v.t. -- hang pside down.

gona v.t. -- cuddle; hug; embrace

gongoda v.t. -- hammer; it repeatedly with stick or mallet;

gonyuluka v.i. -- retch.

goqa v.t. -- coil up; roll up; old over.

goqana v.i. -- become coiled; become coiled up; get folded

goqela v.t. -- roll up in; wrap up in.

goqoza v.i. -- rattle; clatter (as horns; as article in a t

goqoza v.t. -- stir to dissolve).

govula v.i. -- be gluttonous

gozobala v.i. -- sit restfully.

gqabhazela v.i.;v.t -- banter.

gqagqela v.t. -- surround.

gqansula v.t. -- break apart; break off; break in two.

gqekeza v.t. -- break into (e g.; a house).

gqiba v.t. -- 1; fill in a hole; bury; cover with soil 2;

gqibela v.t. -- fill in; ram in (soil in a hole); cover in w

gqigila v.t. -- butt (with head).

gqigqizela v.i. -- bustle about.

gqinsika v.i. -- fall down heavily.

gqinsila v.t. -- throw down heavily.

gqiza v.t. -- wear annlets; wear round he neck; wear ankle

gqokisa v.t. -- lothe another; put on another.

gubha v.t. -- 1; ask about; extract iþformation from; 2; c

gubuda v.t. -- turn upside down; turn over.

gubuzela v.t. -- cover up (in order to bide or protect).

gudla v.t. -- 1; rub against; 2; rub smooth; file..

gudluka v.i. -- move aside.

gudlula v.t. -- move to one side; move away.

gudula v.t. -- plaster walls

guga v.i. -- wear out; get worn- age.

gugisa v.t. -- wear out.

guguba v.i. -- lurk; hide secretly.

gula v.i;v.t. -- be ill; be sick; be unwell.

gunda v.t. -- clip hair; shear.

gungubala v.i. -- become bent; become curved.

guqa v.i. -- kneel; bend the knee.

guqula v.t. -- change; alter.

guxuza v.t. -- rub hard; wash hard.

gwala v.t. -- 1; write 2; fence with strong poles.

gwaqaza v.i. -- rattle; clatter (of horns when beasts are playing

gwaqela v.t. -- mix corn with water (first stage in beef mak

gwaza v.t. -- spear; stab.

gweba v.t. -- 1; judge law case; give Judgment; convict; 2

gwedla v.t. -- 1; paddle; row; 2; v.i.; move along in sitti

gwedluka v.i. -- move aside.

gwedlula v.t. -- move aside; move. egwa; v.t.: hook; catch on

gwegwa v.t. -- hook; catch on a hook.

gwenxa v.t. -- cause person to trip over his own legs.

gxagxaza v.i. -- leak a lot.

gxamuza v.t. -- immerse.

gxanguza v.t. -- do something incorrectly (as dance wrongly;

gxila v.i. -- be firmly planted; stand firm.

gxoba. v.t. -- crush; trample on.

gxoza v.t. -- dribble (of saliva).

gxuma v.i. -- leap; hop (as a frog).

gxumeka v.t. -- plant; plant out.

gxumukela v.i. -- go plop into water.

haba v.t. -- 1; do haphazardly; 2; confuse (with many que

habula v.t. -- sip; v.i.: catch a disease.

hahaba v.i. -- creep (as snake; etc.).

halada v.i. -- speak harshly (of parent to child).

halalisa v.t. -- spread to cover an area (as manure).

haluzela v.i. -- walk quickly.

hamba v.i. -- 1; go; go away; move; walk travel; flow (of

hambahamba v.t -- go about; wander.

hambaze v.i. -- go naked; be naked.

hambela v.t. -- 1; visit; 2; go to; go towards; 3; zihambela =

hambelana v.i. -- agree; be of one mind accord with; go togeth

hambisa v.t. -- cause to go; send away.

hanguka v.i. -- get scorched; get dried up by heat; dry up.

hangula v.t. -- dry up; scorch.

hanqa v.t. -- encircle; surround.

haqaza v.i.;v.t. -- 1; itch; irritate (caused by hairs of certai

haqazela v.t. -- scorch.

hasa v.t. -- raid.

hatshaza v.i. -- rustle.

hawukela v.t. -- 1; have mercy on; take pity on; 2; be jealou

hawula v.i. -- be moved with pity.

haya v.t. -- 1; compose a song; sing; 2; sing ill of anot

hayiza v.i. -- be a little bitter.

haza v.i. -- 1; murmur (of voices; engine etc.); 2; make

haza v.t. -- scatter seed.

hehezela v.i. -- pant.

helelwa v.i. -- be in labour; have labour pains.

heleza v.i. -- blow gently (of wind).

helisa v.t. -- arrange in order.

hibilizela v.t. -- eat soft foods; eat hurriedly. -hilela: 1; v

hitsha v.i. -- stick in the throat.

hitshela v.i.; v.t. -- 1; v.i.; get entangled; 2; v.t.; put loop over; la

hlaba v.t. -- 1; pierce; prick; puncture; gore; 2; slaught

hlabela v.t. & v.i. -- 1; sing; 2; sacrifice to/for.

hlabelela v t. & v .i. -- sing.

hlabusa v.i. -- be nice to taste; to hear; etc.

hlafuna v.t. -- chew; masticate.

hlahla v.t. -- 1; chop or cut up meat; bones; etc.; 2; cut

hlahluba v.t. -- divine.

hlakanipha v.i. -- become clever; become wise.

hlakaza v.t. -- 1; knock about; 2; scatter disarrange; 3; re

hlakazeka v.i. -- get scattered; get revealed.

hlakula v.t. -- hoe; cultivate with a hoe; scoffle.

hlala v.i. -- 1; remain; stay; wait; abide; dwell; ive 2;

hlalela v.t. -- wait for.

hlalisana v.i. -- live together peacefully.

hlaluka v.i. -- appear clearly; come into sight.

hlamba v.i. -- swim.

hlambaza v.t. -- abuse; blaspheme; revile.

hlambuluka v.i. -- become pure; become clean.

hlambulula v.t. -- clean; purify.

hlamuka v.i. -- desert; run away from; run amok; rebel.

hlanekela v.t. -- turn back-to-front; invert.

hlanekezeka v.i. -- 1; become inverted; 2; become misrepresented

hlanekezela v.t. -- 1; invert; turn inside out; 2; misrepresent.

hlanezeka v.i. -- become misrepresented.

hlanezela v.t. -- misrepresent.

hlangabeza v.t. -- go to meet.

hlangana v.i. -- 1; assemble; meet; 2; meet with; 3; join; un

hlanganisa v.t. -- 1; add together; join; unite; 2; assemble.

hlanganyela v.t. -- 1; act or do together in unison; 2; take par

hlangula v.t. -- assist; help; remove danger from.

hlanhlatha v.i. -- take a short cut; use an unbeaten track.

hlanya v.i. -- be mad.

hlanyela v.t. -- sow.

hlanza v.t. -- 1; clean; cleanse; wash; 2; vomit.

hlanzeka v.i. -- become clean.

hlasela v.t. -- go to war; invade; attack.

hlasimula v.i. -- twitch.

hlawula v.t. -- pay a fine; compensate.

hlawulisa v.t. -- fine.

hlayaza v.t. -- joke; jest.

hlaza v.t. -- dishonour; disgrace.

hlazuluka v.i. -- get separated; get divided.

hlazulula v.t. -- separate.

hleba v.t. -- talk evil about; slander.

hlehla v.i. -- withdraw; retreat.

hleka v.i.; v.t. -- 1; v.i.; laugh; 2; v.t.; laugh at; mock.

hlekisa v.t. -- 1; amuse; cause to augh; 2; laugh at; mock.

hlela v.t. -- array (as army); set an order; make imposing

hlelemba v.t. -- level; smooth.

hlenga v.t. -- 1; separate; 2; redeem; help 3; sift.

hlephuka v.t. -- get broken off.

hlephula v.t. -- break off a piece.

hlephuna v.t. -- break off a piece.

hlifiza v.t. -- crush.

hlihla v.i. -- froth over.

hlikihla v.t. -- rub; ub in.

hlikiza v.t. -- 1; ravage; scatter; 2; pull to pieces.

hlinza v.t. -- 1; cut open; operate; 2; flay; skin.

hloba v.i. -- 1; become curdled; go sour 2; adorn oneself.

hlobonga v.i. -- have sexual intercourse.

hlohla v.t. -- 1; ram in; pack in (as grain n a sack); 2; l

hlokoma v.i. -- make rumbling noise.

hlokoza v.t. -- poke.

hlola v.t. -- 1; examine; inspect; test; 2; ; search a per

hloma v.i; v.t. -- 1; v.i; arm for war; gather together of clouds fer

hlomela v.i. -- prepare or arm for war.

hlomula v.t. -- finish off wounded animal.

hlonipha v.t. -- be courteous to; respect.

hlosa v.t. -- aim

hlubuka v.i. -- 1; v.i.; get stripped off; get uncovered 2; v.t.;

hlubula v.t. -- strip off; undress; uncover.

hlukuluza v.t. -- annoy; jolt; intimidate.

hlukuza v.t. -- 1; shake (to mix); 2; convulse.

hlulukelwa v.i. -- be sad.

hluma v.i. -- sprout

hlumelela v.t. -- give new life.

hlunga v.t. -- bewitch.

hlungula v.t. -- sift; winnow.

hlupha v.t. -- afflict; annoy; torment; trouble; worry; ers

hlupheka v.i. -- be afflicted; be roubled be anxious; be dist

hluthuka v.i. -- get plucked out.

hluthula v.t. -- 1; snatch; 2; pluck out.

hluthuna v.t. -- 1; snatch; 2; pluck out.

hluza v.t. -- 1; squash fruit; squeeze out juice; 2; strai

hluzuka v.i. -- get grazed; wounded.

hluzula v.t. -- graze; wound.

hlwa v.i. -- become dark (at evening) (sekuhlwile=it is e

hola v.t. -- 1; drag; haul; 2; lead; 3; draw pay; earn.

holisa v.t. -- pay wages.

holoba v.i. -- rumble; babble.

honqa v.t. -- make a screen or shelter (with bushes; etc.)

hoqa v.i. -- snore; purr.

hotsha v.t. -- pull out; draw out.

hotshuka v.i. -- come out; get pulled out

hotshula v.t. -- pull out; thin out.

hoza v.t. -- jeer at.

huba v.i. -- 1; move on stomach (as snake); 2; make noise

huba v.i. & v.t. -- sing; chant.

hubula v.t. -- suck up liquid (with the mouth).

huda v.i.;v.t. -- have diarrhoea (huda igazi= pass blood).

hudisa v.t. -- give laxative.

hudula v.t. -- drag; drag along.

huga v.t. -- allure; entice.

hulula v.t. -- shell ealies.

huma v.t. -- do a thing much; do for a long ime. bumutsba

humutsha v.t. -- allure; entice; seduce.

hungaza v.i. -- spread rumours; divulge news before it is ma

huqa v.t. -- grease.

huquluza v.t. -- take or appropriate everything.

huquzela v.i. -- creep (as snake; insect; tc.).

hutshuka v.i. -- - slip off (as beads off a tring).

hwabha v.i. -- 1; hiss; 2; speak gruffly; snarl.

hwalala v.i. -- become dark (at evening).

hwama v.i -- be half dry.

hwaqa v.i. -- frown.

hwatsha v.t. -- draw out (of scabbard)

hwaya v.t. -- scrape.

hweba v.t. -- trade.

hweda v.i. -- walk pompously; walk arrogantly.person.

hwitha v.t. -- snatch; snatch away.

jabula v.i. -- rejoice; be happy.

jaha v.i.;v.t. -- go quickly; race.

jama v.i. -- look fiercely; stand at bay.

jamela v.t. -- frown fiercely at.

janqula v.i. -- run about gaily.

jezisa v.t. -- punish.

jibuluka v.i. -- spring ack; rebound.

jibuqa v.i. -- jump down rom.

jika v.i.;v.t. -- 1; go round; take a corner; 2; swing.

jikijela v.t. -- throw; hurl at; hurl.

jikisa v.t. -- swing; cause to swing umjiko (um): 1; a swin

jila v.i. -- be obstinate; be stubborn.

jinga v.t. -- do frequently; do continuously.

jiya v.i. -- get thick.

jiyela v.i. -- be frustrated; be hampered.

jiyeza v.t. -- frustrate; hamper.

joloza v.i. -- gaze.

jolozela v.t. -- gaze intently at.

jonga v.t. -- aim

juja v.t. -- goad; prick.

jujumezela v.t. -- monopolise (in iscus-slon; etc.).

jula v.i. -- 1; go deep; be deep; 2; be profound.

juluka v.i. -- perspire; sweat.

juma v.t. -- 1; attack a person off his guard; take by su

juqa v.t. -- kill outright; fell with one blow.

juquka v.i. -- get broken off; get severed.

juqula v.t. -- break off; sever.

jwabula v.t. -- tear meat from a hide.

kama v.t. -- comb

kekela v.i. -- sing (esp. of women).

kha v.t. -- 1; draw water; 2; pick fruit flowers.

khaba v.t. -- kick.

khafula v.t. -- spit; spit out.

khahlameza v.t. -- bully; treat roughly shout at.

khakhamezela v.t. -- rush upon; charge at.

khala v.i.v.t. -- 1; make noise or sound (of any creature); 2; make

khalakathela v.i. -- fall headlong into.

khalala v.t. -- spurn; reject.

khalaza v.t. -- beg; ask for; complain.

khalela v.t. -- 1; cry for; mourn for; sympathise; 2; lead i

khalimela v.t. -- admonish; reprove; scold.

khalipha v.i. -- 1; be bold; 2; be sharp (of edge); 3; be sma

khalisa v.t. -- 1; make noise or sound (of musical instrument

khama v.t. -- choke; squeeze (the throat; a wound; etc.);wring.

khanda v.t. -- 1; beat metal; forge; 2; pelt hit with missi

khandana v.i. -- 1; knock up against one another; meet unexpe

khanga v.t. -- attract admiration; attract respect; attract

khangela v.t. -- look at; behold.

khangeleka v.i. -- look as; look like (e.g. look silly; look att

khangeza v.t. -- hold out both hands to receive.

khangula v.t. -- 1; arouse a desire for; 2; . use new vessel.

khankasa v.i. -- move in a semi-circle (when stalking).

khanuka v.t. -- desire strongly; lust after.

khanula v.i. -- strain oneself.

khanya v.i. -- 1; shine; belight; glow; 2; be dear; be dist

khanyisa v.t. -- brighten; cause to shine flash; enlighten; e

khanzinga v.t. -- roast (esp. in a pot).

khaphaza v.t. & v.i. -- splash in a big way spill.

khasa v.i. -- crawl.

khathala v.i. -- 1; become troubled; become weary; 2; have re

khathalela v.t. -- 1; become troubled about; 2; are much about

khathaza v.t. -- afflict; annoy; trouble; worry; tire; weary.

khawulela v.t. -- reach as far as; reach up to

khawuleza v.i. -- hurry.

khazimula v.i. -- be bright; shine; sparkle.

khefuzela v.i. -- pant.

khehla v.t. -- wear manÍs headring.

khehlezela v.i. -- rattle.

khenceza v.i. -- jingle; tinkle.

khephuza v.t. -- cut out a portion or part.

khesa v.t. -- belittle; disparage.

khetha v.t. -- 1; choose; prefer; select; elect; 2; vote; 3

khewuka/-khewula v.i. & v.t. -- break off.

khihlika v.i. -- foam.

khihliza v.t. -- make foam or froth; foam at the mouth (khihliza am

khilikithela v.i. -- fall headlong into.

khina v.t. -- tie legs of animal.

khithika v.i. -- fall (as leaves fruit; etc.).

khithiza v.t. -- cause to fall (ieaves; etc.)

khiya v.t. -- lock.

khiza v.i. -- drizzle; rain slightly.

khoca v.t. -- drain; drink to dregs.

khohlakala v.i. -- 1; get forgotten; 2; get corrupted.

khohlisa v.t. -- deceive; cheat.

khohlwa v.t. -- forget.

khokha v.t. -- 1; draw out (knife; word) 2; pull out one from oth

khokhela v.t. -- 1; lead; 2; pay wages.

khokhoba v.i. -- walk with a stoop; stoop (as ld person).

kholwa v.t. -- 1; believe; believe in; trust have faith; 2;

khombisa v.t. -- court a girl.

khongozela v.t. -- 1; hold out both hands to receive; 2; place

khonkotha v.i.;v.t -- bark.

khonona v.i. -- 1; be discontented; complain; grumble; 2; ha

khonya v.i. -- bellow.

khotha v.t. -- lick.

khothama v.i. -- bow; bow down; stoop.

khothamela v.t. -- bow down to; reverence; give allegiance to.

khothamisa v.t. -- bow; bow down.

khuba v.t. -- offend; cause to stumble.

khubeka v.i. -- stumble.

khubekisa v.t. -- 1; cause to stumble; trip up 2; scandalise.

khubula v.t. -- cultivate in a part; or parts; of a field.

khucula v.t. -- sweep up (water); scrape up; rake ogether.

khudumala v.i. -- become warm; become humid.

khudumeza v.t. -- warm up.

khuhla v.t. -- rub hard (as with a stone). tan hides.

khuhluza v.t. -- 1; rub off (as the skin); 2; shake (to clean

khukhula v.t. -- sweep away or carry away (esp. by water)

khukhumala v.i. -- 1; swell up-become puffed up; ;ise up (as do

khukhumeza v.t. -- 1; make a person swell (with pride); 2; zikh

khukhuza v.t. -- pick clean (as a bone); scrape lean.

khula v.i. -- grow; grow up; grow big; mature.

khuleka v.i; v.t. -- 1; v.i.; pray; request; 2; v.t.; bind; tie up to;

khulela v.t. -- be too much for.

khulelwa v.i. -- become pregnant.

khulisa v.t. -- 1; cause to grow; enlarge; magnify; exaggera

khulula v.t. -- deliver ; set free; unloose.

khululeka v.i. -- become free; become delivered of child). uku

khuluma v.i.;v.t. -- talk; speak; discuss.

khulumela v.t. -- speak for; plead for another.

khulumisana v.i. -- discuss together; talk with one nother.

khuluphala v.i. -- become fat and sleek.

khuma v.t. -- eat crumbly; dry food.

khumbula v.i. -- 1; remember; 2; think; think of.

khumbuza v.t. -- remind.

khumuka v.i. -- come off (as axe head); come out (as a tooth

khumula v.t. -- 1; extract something firm (as nail; tooth; etc)

khunga v.t. -- 1; give a gift (at wedding; at age of pubert

khunta v.i. -- go mouldy.

khupha v.t. -- 1; take out; take off (clothes); give out; e

khuphuka v.i. -- 1; ascend; 2; be promoted 3; depart.

khuphukisa v.t. -- 1; cause to go up; send up; take up from; 2;

khuphula v.t. -- 1; bring up; raise up from; hoist; 2; promot

khuphulula v.t. -- 1; lift; lift up; raise; 2; bring to light; discov

khusela v.t. -- 1; support; encourage; 2; shelter.

khutha v.t. -- miss the mark.

khuthala v.i. -- be busy; be industrious; be diligent; be ste

khuthalela v.i.;v.t. -- be steadfast in; be diligent in.

khuthaza v.t. -- enthuse; encourage.

khuthazela v.i. -- persevere.

khuthuza v.t. -- steal from; rob a person.

khuza v.i; v.t. -- 1; v.i.; cry out; shout aloud; 2; v.t.; rebuke sco

khwabitha v.t. -- desire ardently.

khwaza v.i. -- make heavy rumbling noise.

khwehlela v.i.;v.t -- cough.

khwela v.t. -- 1; ascend; climb; mount; 2; mount; ride; 3 mate

khweleza v.i. -- be sexually jealous.

khwelezela v.i. -- hitch up.

khwelisa v.t. -- 1; go pstream; 2; cause to go up.

khwenyeza v.i. -- hop on one leg.

khwexula v.t. -- break (as maize cob off the stalk); break with a w

khweza v.t. -- raise.

khwezela v.t. -- stoke the fire.

khwica v.t. -- gird; put round the waist.

khwifa v.t. -- squirt from mouth.

khwitshizela v.i. -- bustle about; be in a commotion.

khwixila v.t. -- jerk on the reins; hit; hip.

kikizela v.i. -- cry out joyfully (as women at a dance).

kiliza v.i.;v.t. -- speak imperfectly (as not knowing the language

klabalala v.i. -- shout loudly; cry loudly; shriek.

klawuza v.t. -- chew crispy food (as sweet reed; etc.).

klaya v.t. -- cut into slices or strips; score ith a knife

klaza v.i. -- sing (esp. of bridal party).

klebha v.t. -- rip open; tear (with sharp point.

klebhuka v.i. -- get torn or ripped.

klebhula v.t. -- rip open (with sharp point; nail; etc.).

klekla v.t. -- pierce hole in the ear.

kleza v.i. -- drink straight from a cow.

klinya v.t. -- sieze tightly; strangle.

kloloda v.t. -- deride; mock; jeer at.

klwebuza v.t. -- crack a whip.

kopela v.t. -- button.

kopola v.t. -- peck at.

kopuluka v.i. -- come unbuttoned; come undone.

kopulula v.t. -- unbutton; undo.

kotsh'oza v.t. -- pump up and down.

kulufela v.t. -- screw; screw up.

kwejisa v.i. -- pass the time with idle chatter (esp. in evening

lagisa v.t. -- send cattle to grazing place.

lahla v.t. -- 1; throw away; 2; lose; 3; bury; 4; condemn;

lahleka v.i. -- get lost. N.B.: lahlekelwa = lose.)

lala v.i. -- 1; lie down 2; go to sleep; be asieep in per

lalela v.t. -- 1; attend to; listen; 2; obey; 3; waylay.

lalisa v.t. -- 1; cause to sleep; cause to lie down; 2; lalisa ng

lamba v.i. -- hunger; get hungry.

lamula v.t. -- make peace between; mediate; separate fighters

lamulela v.t. -- go to the assistance of.

landa v.t. -- 1; narrate; ; landa icala= prosecute; 3; fetch

landela v.t. -- follow; pursue

landelisa v.t. -- send after.

landisa v.t. -- give account of to; relate to.

landula v.i.;v.t. -- deny; say no

landulela v.t. -- 1; deny on behalf of 2; zilandulela=excuse

langatha v.t. -- long for.

lawula v.t. -- 1; cock a gun 2; command soldiers 3; chatter

laya v.t. -- 1; command; order; 2; warn; reprove; reprima

layela v.i. -- be at the point of death (of animal).

layeza v.t. -- instruct.

layezela v.t. -- give instructions about give instructions for

lekuza v.t. -- nod head up and down.

lembuluka v.i. -- get stretched out; come uncoiled.

lembulula v.t. -- stretch out; uncoil

lenga v.i -- dangle; hang; suspend

lengisa v.t. -- dangle; hang; suspend.

letha v.t. -- bring; fetch.

libala v.i. -- dawdle; loiter.

libazisa v.t. -- hinder; delay.

libha v.t. -- 1; cast lots; 2; tell riddles (for guessing)

lila v.i. -- weep; mourn; lament.

lilela v.t. -- mourn for; sympathise.

lilisa v.t. -- 1; cause to mourn; 2; sing a dirge.

lima v.t. -- 1; hoe; plough; 2; cultivate; farm.

limala v.i. -- get hurt; .get wounded.

limaza v.t. -- hurt; injure; wound.

limuka v.i. -- beware; be careful.

linda v.t. -- 1; guard; 2; drive away birds.

lindela v.t. -- wait for; expect.

linga v.t. -- tempt; test.

lingana v.i.;v.t. -- 1; become equal with match; 2; weigh; 3; measure 4

linganisa v.t. -- 1; equalise; match; 2; balance; weigh; 3; me

lingisa v.t. -- imitate.

lobola v.t. -- give lobolo (money or cattle given to bride)

lokotha v.t. -- 1; dream of doing; 2; dare.

lola v.t. -- sharpen or grind an edge.

lolonga v.t. -- smooth; finish off plaster.

lolozela v.t. -- lull; rock to sleep.

londoloza v.t. -- take care of; look after; keep.

loya v.t. -- bewitch; cast a spell.

lulama v.i. -- 1; rise up (from sitting lying; etc.) 2; recover f

lulamisa v.t. -- lift or raise up a person (from Vying; sitti

lulaza v.t. -- depreciate; lower.

luleka v.t. -- advise put straight.

lumatha v.i. -- burst into flame.

lumba v.t. -- do wonders; perform magic

lunga v.i. -- 1; become in good order; become fit; become

lungela v.t. -- get ready.

lungisa v.t. -- 1; adjust; arrange; tidy; put in order; 2; co

lungiselela v.t. -- prepare for.

lungisisa v.t. -- justify.

lunguza v.i. -- peep.

luphala v.i. -- age; grow old.

lwa v.t. -- fight; contend.

lwela v.t. -- contend for; fight for.

ma v.i. -- stand; stand still (ma isibindi= be

makala v.t. -- slap; strike with the hand.

mangala v.i. -- 1; be astonished; be surprised; marvel; wonder

mangalela v.t. -- accuse; charge ;with crime; sue.

mangalisa v.t. -- astonish; surprise.

matha v.i. -- gallop.

mba v.t. -- dig; dig up.

mbambatha v.t. -- pat.

mbela v.t. -- 1; bury; 2; plant out; transplant.

mbokotha v.t. -- cover a pot (with a plate; etc.); turn a pot

mbomboza v.t. -- cover head; cover face.

mekeza v.i. -- dance at a wedding (a dance of olden times).

mela v.t. -- 1; defend; stand for; stand against; represent

melana v.t. -- oppose; withstand.

melela v.t. -- wait for.

mema v.t. -- invite; call.

memetheka v.i. -- blaze up; spread (as fire; disease; etc.).

memeza v.t. & v.i. -- call aloud; shout; call out to.

memezela v.t. -- announce publicly; proclaim.

menezela v.i. -- talk or behave in an unreliable manner. be f

mila. v.i. -- sprout; germinate.

mimiliza v.t. -- swallow down whole.

mincika v.i. -- become slimy; become slippery.

minya v.t. -- press against; crowd.

minyana v.i -- become crowded; become narrow.

minyanisa v.t -- crowd; hem in.

minyeza v.t. -- crowd; hem in. -minza: 1; v.i.; drown; be gr

misa v.t. -- 1; erect; set up; 2; appoint; 3; establish-

misela v.t. -- 1; gain position for 2; zimiselac decide; be

mitha v.i. -- become pregnant (esp. of animals).

mithisa v.t. -- make pregnant.

momotha v.i. -- have acute pain.

momotheka v.i. -- 1; sufler pain; 2; mile.

monyuka v.i. -- slip out; slip away.

monyula v.t. -- pull out.

mpampa v.i. -- be agitated.

mpempeza v.i. -- whistle; trumpet.

mpolompa v.t. -- take snuff in mouth.

mpompa v.t. -- pump.

mpompoloza v.i. -- talk loudly or boisterously.

mpompoza v.i. -- gush; stream out.

muka v.i. -- go away; desert.

mukeleka v.i. -- grow worse (of wound; rent; hole; etc.).

mukisa v.t. -- send away.

mukula v.t. -- slap; strike with the open hand.

mumatha v.t. -- hold something in the mouth.

mumelela v.t. -- shut the mouth.

mumuza v.t. -- munch; suck (food; sweets; etc.).

muncana v.i. -- shrink up.

munya v.t. -- suck at the breast or teat (munya umungula =

munyisa v.t. -- suckle a child.

na v.i. -- rain

naba v.i. -- stretch out (legs).

nabalala v.i. -- lie out sprawling.

nabuluka v.i. -- get stretched out.

nabulula v.t. -- stretch out (as elastic; a coiled object; etc).

nafuzeka v.i. -- be sticky; be putty-like.

nakana v.i.;v.t. -- consider; think over.

namathela v.i. -- be sticky.

namathela v.t. -- adhere; stick to; cleave to.

nambitha v.i.; v.t. -- taste; smack the lips.

nambitheka v.i. -- be tasty; be palatable.

nameka v.t. -- close or seal up a hole; plaster up a hole.

nampuka v.i. -- be sticky; be putty-like.

nampula v.t. -- touch something sticky or putty-like.

nampuzeka v.i. -- be ticky; be putty-like.

nanabuka v.i. -- get stretched out.

nanabula v.t. -- stretch out.

nanza v.t. -- care about; take care about be careful about

nanzelela v.t. -- care about; take care about; take notice of.

natha v.t. & v.i. -- drink.

nathisa v.t. -- give to drink; water.

ncama v.t. -- eat (in he morning).

nceda v.t. -- aid; help. (also ncedisa).

ncencetha v.i. & v.t. -- jingle; inkle.

ncenga v.t. -- appeal to; beg; bcseech; entreat persuade.

ncibilika v.i. -- 1; dissolve; melt; 2; begin to convalesce.

ncibilikisa v.t. -- dissolve; melt.

ncifa v.i. -- make a sound that expresses annoyance or contempt.

ncinda v.t. -- suck fingers (to taste food).

ncinta v.i. -- excel.

ncintanisana v.i. -- compete.

ncipha v.i. -- diminish; grow less.

nciphisa v.t. -- abbreviate; make less diminish.

ncitsha v t. -- stint; act stingily (zincitsha = exercise se

ncitshana v.i. -- be stingy.

ncoma v.t. -- 1; speak well of; 2; zincoma = boast.

ncwada v.t. -- put on a prepuce cover.

ncweba v.t. -- nip; pinch.

ndenda v.i. -- drift; float along.

ndiza v.i. -- fly.

nemba v.t. -- hit on the mark.

nembelula v.t. -- 1; stretch out; 2; work differently (as a we

nembuluka v.i -- get stretched out.

nenga v.t. -- offend; nauseate; disgust.

nengeka v.i. -- be offensive; be disgusting; be oathsome.

nesa v.t. -- nurse.

netha v.i. -- 1; let in rain; 2; (pass. form; -nethwa); ge

nethisa v.t. -- make wet (by rain).

ngcina v.t. -- close a hole with wax.

ngcola v.i. -- become dirty; become polbird.

ngcolisa v.t. -- make dirty; defile; pollute.

ngcomuka v.i. -- come out; slip out.

ngcomula v.t. -- pull out.

ngcothuka -v.i. -- get plucked or pulled out.

ngcothula v.t. -- pluck; pull out.

ngcwaba v.t. -- bury.

ngena v.i.;v.t. -- 1; enter; go in; come in; 2; take widow of e

ngenwa v.pass. -- be possessed by.

ngqathuza v.t. -- snap with teeth.

ngunguna v.i. -- mutter.

ngxama v.i. -- 1; be very angry; 2; be serious.

ngxamela v.i. -- 1; be very angry with; 2; be serious about;

nika v.t. -- give; hand over; offer.

nikela v.t. -- give up; betray; offer up surrender.

nikeza v.t. -- hand over to.

nikina v.t. -- shake the head.

nina v.t. -- prevent; turn away (indicating refusal with

ninda v.t. -- daub; smear on.

nisa v.t. -- cause to rain.

nkenteza v.i. -- echo; resoundi

nklamuza v.t. -- eat crunchy food.

nklinkliza v.i. -- choke; be strangled.

nompola v.t. -- take semi-liquid or semi-solid by dipping finger in it.

nona v.i. -- become fat (of animals).

notha v.i. -- become rich; prosper.

nothisa v.t. -- make rich; enrich.

nqabela v.t. -- forbid.

nqanda v.t. -- check; hold steady.

nqinda v.t. -- punch

nqineka v.i. -- be worried; be apprehensive.

nqoba v.t. -- conquer; defeat.

nqolonga v.t. -- call loudly.

nqumisa v.t. -- place across.

nqunda v.t. -- blunt; discourage.

nqunula v.i. -- be naked.

nqwetha v.i. -- avoid (by passing around; by going anolher w

ntantalaza v.i. -- move fast; patter along (of small creatures)

ntsh'antshaza v.i. -- spurt out (of liquid); run out in a stream.

ntsh'aza v.i.;v.t. -- spurt out; run out in a stream.

ntsh'eza v.i. -- swim.

ntsh'intsh'a v.t. -- change.

ntsh'intsh'anisa v.t. -- chop and change about; rotate of crops.

ntsh'ontsh'a v.t. -- pilfer; steal.

ntsh'ulubeza v.i. -- run through; dart through (a crowd; bushes;

ntula v.i. -- go this way and that (when lost) .

ntuntuza v.i. -- gush out.

nuka v.i. & v.t. -- smell; give out a smell.

numuzeka v.i. -- become fat (due to good iving).

nunkula v.i. -- begin to sprout; begin to ud.

nxambela v.i. -- get detained; become busy.

nxanela v.t. -- desire ardently.

nxapha v.i. -- make the click noise (x) xpressing annoyanc

nxiba v.t. -- bar with cross-Bar.

nxibana v.i. -- 1; become crossed (of two hings); 2; become

nxusa v.t. -- invite to help; supplicate.

nxwanela v.t. -- desire ardently.

nya v.t. -- excrete.

nyakama v.i. -- 1; become overcast; 2; become damp.

nyakamisa v.t. -- dampen; make wet.

nyakaza v.i. -- move; bestir; move bout.

nyakazisa v.t. -- confuse; disturb.

nyakuza v.i. -- go stealthily ama-nyala (ama): ilth.

nyamalala v.i. -- disappear.

nyathela v.t. -- tread on; run over (with heels).

nyathezela v.t. -- press down (with the foot).

nyaza v.i. -- show ingratitude by grumbling.

nyelela v.i. -- slink away; sneak away.

nyeleza v.t. -- produce a litter.

nyemukula v.i. -- look behind (when gomg along).

nyenya v.i. -- move stealthily; creep off.

nyenyeza v.i. -- whisper.

nyewuzela v.i. -- smile; grin.

nyeya v.t. -- slander; backbite.

nyikinya v.t. & v.i. -- move; shake about shrug (shoulders).

nyikinyeka v.i. -- move; shake; get shaken.

nyikinyekisa v.t. -- move; shake.

nyoba v.t. -- rub off dirt.

nyobuluka v.i. -- come uncoiled

nyobulula v.t. -- uncoil.

nyombuluka v.i. -- come uncoiled.

nyombulula v.t. -- uncoil.

nyomuka v.i. -- slip (as of knot); get pulled out.

nyomula v.t. -- pull out; slip (as a knot).

nyonkoloza v.t. & v.i. -- scowl; glower at; glower.

nyonyoba v.t. -- stalk.

nyoza v.i. -- ooze out (of the juice of ripe fruit of the

nyukumala v.i. -- look gloomy; become gloomy; become overcast

nyunda v.t. -- backbite; slander.

nyunyuma v.i. -- be greasy.

obula v.t. -- strip off bark; etc.

okha v.t. -- move fire (to another place). okubi oku-bi):

oma v.i. -- 1; dry; dry up; 2; become thirsty 3; oma ha=

omisa v.t. -- dry; dry up.

omula v.i. -- begin to (begin pregnancy; begin to take food

onakala v.i. -- 1; become corrupted; be¬come efiled; get dam

onakalisa v.t. -- corrupt.

ondla v.t. -- 1; nourish; rear; foster; 2; support (with m

onga v.t. -- nurse the sick.

ongamela v.t. -- preside over.

opha v.i. -- bleed; menstruate.

ophula v.t. -- 1; rescue from danger; 2; ' take a pot off t

osa v.t. -- fry; roast (esp.in the fire).

otha v.i.;v.t. -- warm oneself (by fire; in the sun).

othamela v.i. -- bask in the sun.

ozela v.i. -- doze; be drowsy

patsh'aza v.t. -- break open violently; burst.

patula v.t. -- slap lightly.

penda v.t. -- paint.

peneda v.t. -- hold together with satety pin.

pentsh'a v.i.;v.t. -- break wind (at anus).

pesuka v.i. -- jig; be frisky.

petuka v.t. -- be turn over; be partly turned inside out (as dry seed).

petula v.t. -- turn ver to search.

pha v.t. -- give; present.

phahla v.t -- encircle; surround.

phahlaza v.t. -- smash. phakade; adv.: 1; long ago; 2; for ev

phakama v.i. -- 1; be raised; become high; stand up ; become

phakamisa v.t. -- 1; lift up; raise; 2; promote; 3; ziphakamisa=boast

phakazela v.i. -- get excited.

phakela v.t. -- dish up; serve out.

phakulula v.t. -- dish up food.

phala v.t. -- scrape skin or hide.

phalala v.i. -- rush out (as to answer call for help); overf

phalaza v.t. -- clear stomach by vomiting (after aking an em

phamba v.t. -- play trick on.

phambana v.i. -- 1; cross one another cross over; ass another

phambanisa v.t. -- 1; cause to cross over cross; 2; confuse; co

phambeka v.i. -- err; make a mistake.

phambuka v.i. -- 1; turn aside; branch off; 2; go astray.

phambukisa v.t. -- 1; cause to turn aside; divert; 2; lead asir

phana v.i. -- be generous; give each other.

phanda v t. -- 1; scratch up (as fowl); 2; phanda Icala =

phandla v.t. -- blind temporarily; dazzle (by sun; by dust;

phanga v.t. -- 1; plunder 2; hurry on.

phangisa v.i. -- hurry.

phangiseka v.i. -- become urgent.

phanyeka v.t. -- hang up.

phanza v.i. -- beg for food

phapha v.i. -- fly; flap the wings; buzz (of Insects).

phaphalaza v.i. -- do hastily; badly; super¬fiaally.

phaphama v.i. -- come to one's senses wake up.

phaphamela v.t. -- suddenly show interest in.

phaphatheka v.i. -- 1; get excited; 2; stampede.

phaphazela v.i. -- be agitated; be 'in a flap; be nervous.

phaphula v.t. -- 1; remove bark; 2; whittle a pole or stick.

phaqaza v.t. -- snap.

phasa v.t. -- pass an examination.

phasaza v.t. -- confuse; disturb.

phatha v.t. -- 1; carry in hand or arms handle; hold; 2; ad

phatha v.t. -- hold etc.

phathisa v.t. -- 1; give a helping hand; 2; give in charge of

phathwa v.pass. -- 1; be attacked by; be stricken by; suffer

phawuka v.i. -- be marked or branded.

phawula v.t. -- brand; mark; indicate.

phazama v.i. -- 1; be disturbed; be interrupted; 2; make a m

phazamisa v.t. -- 1; disturb; interrupt; 2; cause a person to

phazima v.i. -- blink; wink; flash.

pheca v.t. -- bend; fold.

pheceka v.i -- become bent.

pheceza v.i. -- be plausible yet evasive.

phefumula v.i.;v.t. -- breathe.

phefuzela v.i. -- panft.

phehla v.t. -- 1; bore a hole 2; churn; 3; cloud overiof cl

pheka v.t. -- cook; brew.

phela v.i. -- l; finish; conclude; end; 2; die 3; phela am

phelekezela v.t. -- accompany.

phelela v.i. -- become complete; become

phelelisa v.t. -- make complete; make whole; make perfect.

phelelwa v.pass. -- come to an end; get short of; lose all.

phemba v.t. -- kindle a fire.

phembela v.i. -- smell (as an animal); sniff the air.

phendla v.t. -- 1; expose (by parting skin; hair; grass; etc

phenduka v.i. -- 1; get turned round; turn round; 2; alter; c

phendula v.t -- 1; defend (in court) (zi¬phendulela=defend on

phendula v.t. -- 1; turn; turn round; turn over; 2; alter; ch

phengula v.t. -- divine (by throwing bones).

phenya v.t. -- turn over or turn up (to examine).

phepha v.i. -- escape.

phephela v.i. -- take refuge in; escape to.

phephetha v.i. & v.t. -- blow; blow at; blow (of wind).

phephezela v.i -- fly or flap in wind (as flag; etc.).

phephisa v.t. -- rescue; help to escape.

phephuka v.i. -- 1; be blown away; 2; be unsteady.

phephula v.t. -- blow away.

phephuluka v.i. -- be blown away.

phephuluza v.t. -- 1; blow away; blow out; 2; laughter a beast

pheqa v.t. -- fold back; fold over; close a knife.

pheqeka v.i -- get bent back; get folded back.

pheqeza v.t. -- bend back; fold back; fold over.

phetha v.t. -- 1; hem; 2; decide; complete.

phethela v.i. -- reach as far as; border on.

phethuza v.i. -- gush; well up.

phica v.t. -- outwit; trick (in speech) .

phicika v.i. -- get squashed; get squeezed. phiciza; v.t.: s

phihlika v.i. -- 1; break down (of motions); 2; break out in

phihliza v.t. -- smash.

phika v.i.;v.t. -- 1; argue; dispute; 2; deny; contradict.

phikazela v.i. -- pant.

phikelela v.i. -- persevere; persist.

phikisa v.t. -- argue; dispute about.

phikisana v.i. -- argue with one another; dispute with one nothe

phila v.i.;v.t -- 1; live; be well.

phinca v.t. -- tuck up skirts.

phindisa v.t. -- retaliate.

phindisela v.t. -- avenge; pay back; take revenge upon; hit back

phinga v.i. -- 1; mate (of dogs); 2; fornicate.

phiphiliza v.t. -- eat ravenousty.

phiqika v.i. -- come out; get squeezed out.

phiqila v.t. -- squeeze out

phisekela v.i. -- be anxious about

phisela v.t. -- fit handle to.

phithikeza v.t. -- mix.

phithizela v.i. -- move confusedly; warm.

phithizisa v.t. -- confuse; disturb.

phitsheka v.i. -- be concerned about; be etermined; be set on.

phohloka v.i. -- get broken; get smashed.

phohloza v.t. -- smash in; break.

phola v.i. -- 1; heal; 2; be cool (of a person).

pholisa v.t. -- 1; heal; 2; ool down (a person).

phongela v.i. -- act roughly; act as a hully.

phophotha v.i. -- talk too much.

phophoza v.i. -- gush out.

phoqoka v.i. -- snap in two.

phoqoza v.t. -- 1; snap in two; 2; vomit of a baby).

phosisa v.i. -- err; do wrong.

photha v.t. -- plait; spin out thread.

phothana v.i. -- get interwoven.

phothuka v.i. -- get round.

phothula v.t. -- grind mealies.

photshoza v.i. -- talk too much.

phoxa v.t. -- ruffle; embarrass.

phozisa v.t. -- cool; calm.

phuca v.t. -- 1; take away completely; de¬prive; 2; shave;

phucuka v.i. -- 1; become chafed become ubbed off 2; become

phucula v.t. -- 1; chafe; rub; 2; civilize.

phuhla v.i. -- -grow out (as breast of young girl).

phukuzeka v.i. -- become fooled.

phukuzela v.i. -- be foolish.

phuluka v.i. -- 1; slip through easily; 2; get ree; escape 3

phulula v.t. -- 1; remove (by pulling through he hand; as se

phuma v.i.; v.t. -- 1; v.i.; come out; go out; resign; 2; v.t.; give o

phumelela v.i. -- 1; come out into the open; 2; succeed; flour

phumisa v.t. -- 1; cause to come or go out turn out; 2; pium

phumisela v.i.;v.t. -- speak out; speak clearly.

phumputha v.t. -- feel and grope in the dark.

phumputheka v.i. -- become blind.

phumputhekisa v.t. -- blind; make another blind.

phumula v.i. -- rest; retire from work.

phumulela v.i. -- rest on; rest in.

phumuza v.t. -- cause to rest; relieve.

phundla v.t. -- strip (leaves from a branch).

phunga v.t. -- 1; brush or drive away flies; etc.; 2; sip.

phunguka v.i. -- become less; diminish; get ighlened.

phungula v.t. -- lessen; diminish; lighten.

phunyuka v.i.;v.t. -- slip out; slip free; escape.

phunyula v.t. -- let slip; let something or someone escape; s

phunza v.i. -- abort (of animals).

phupha v.t. & v.i. -- dream.

phuphuma v.i. -- 1; boil over; overflow 2; be excited; boil

phusa v.i. -- dry up (of milk of a cow); beome weaned.

phutha v.i. -- be absent- fail.

phuthaza v.t. -- feel with hands and fingers; grope.

phuthelwa v.pass. -- be unable to sleep (e.g. waphuthelwa yibu

phuthisa v.t. -- frustrate; ake ineffective.

phuthuma v.t. -- 1; hurry on; rush; 2; embrace; grab hold of

phutsha v.i. & v.t. -- 1; go right through rotrude; stick ou

phuza v.i. -- become ate; delay.

pikla v.t. -- smear too much fat on body or face.

popotha v.i. -- talk too much.

profetha v.t. & v.i. -- prophesy.

qabanga v.t. -- resow in order to fill up gaps in line of pl

qabuka v.t. -- chance upon; see suddenly; see for the first time.

qabuza v.t. -- kiss (a baby). qaga; v.t.: catch something

qaga v.t. -- catch something thrown.

qakama v.i. -- sit in seat of honour.

qakatheka v.i. -- become important; be¬come special.

qakeza v.t. -- clap (at a dance); clap in rhythm.

qala v.t. -- 1; begin; start; 2; assault; attack; 3; prov

qaleka v.i. -- faint have a fit.

qalisa v.i.;v.t. -- begin; make a start; begin with.

qamba v.t. -- 1; devise; invent; 2; qamba amanga=tell ies.

qambela v.t. -- tell lies about; slander.

qambula v.t. -- turn aside; turn astray.

qamekela v.t. -- waylay.

qamela v.t. -- rest head on.

qamuka v.i. -- 1; get broken (of bonds; rope; etc.); 2; be

qamula v.t. -- 1; break (bonds; etc.); 2; Judge.

qanda v.i.; v.t. -- 1; v.i.; be cold (of weather); 2; v.t.; bleed a ve

qandelela v.t. -- break through a fence.

qandisa v.t. -- cool.

qansa v.i. -- rise of land; be steep.

qaphela v.i -- -qaphelisa; beware; watch out for; be careful

qaqabuka v.i. -- wake up; revive.

qaqabula v.t. -- wake up to; revive.

qaqamba v.i. -- throb with pain.

qathanisa v.t. -- puzzle; perplex.

qatsha v.t. -- hire; employ.

qatshisa v.t. -- hire out.

qaza v.t. -- 1; cut across (cloth or skin) cut a lit in 2 examine.

qeda v.t. -- accomplish; finish; complete.

qedisisa v.t. -- understand.

qegula v.t. -- separate from; detach from.

qephuka v.i. -- get broken off; get broken apart.

qephula v.t. -- break off; break apart.

qethuka v.i. -- fall over backwards; capsize.

qhamuka v.i. -- appear unexpectedly.

qhaqha v.t -- rip open. -qhaqhabula;

qhaqhazela v.i. -- tremble or shake (esp. with fear).

qhatha v.t. -- 1; break up new soil; plough virgin soil; 2;

qhatsha v.i. -- move convulsively; kick (of dying creature);

qhekeza v.t. -- cleave open.

qhekezeka v.i. -- burst open.

qhela v.i. -- expand; get bigger; spread.

qhenya v.i. -- strut; swagger; show off (ziqhenya=be proud)

qhinela v.t. -- obstruct.

qhinqa v.i.;v.t. -- cry; shout loudly.

qhoba v.t. -- crunch.

qhola v.t. -- -qholisa; perfume; sprinkle perfume.

qhoqhoza v.i. -- walk with heavy steps.

qhuba v.t. -- 1; v.t.; advance; drive along animals; people); fu

qhubeka v.i. -- advance; make progress; proceed; continue.

qhubeza v.t. -- urge on; push forward.

qhubezela v.t. -- stimulate; urge forward.

qhugela v.i. -- limp.

qhula v.i. -- be lame; limp.

qhuma v.i. -- burst out crying.

qhunga v.t. -- show whites of eyes (when weak; etc.).

qhuqha v.i. -- shiver (with cold; fever).

qhuqhumba v.i. -- make sound of bursting pods; pop; make sound

qhwaya v.t. -- scratch as a fowl.

qhweba v.t. -- beckon (with and); signal (with hand).

qhwitha v.t. -- poke out carefully; poke lightly.

qhwitsha v.t. -- scratch (as a owl).

qila v.i. -- cheat; act slyly.

qilibezela v.t. -- cheat; defraud.

qina v.i. -- become firm; become strong. become stiff.

qinisa v.t. -- 1; make firm; strengthen toughen; secure; 2;

qinisela v.i. -- endure.

qobola v.t. -- cuff gently on the head.

qogelela v.t. -- collect; accumulate.

qokelela v.t. -- pile up; store; save up.

qolotsha v.i. -- frisk; skip about.

qoma v.t. -- choose (a lover; a course of action; etc.).

qomana v. -- compete; vie with one another.

qomfa v.i. -- have a stoop; be bent.

qonda v.i. & v.t. -- 1; become accurate become traight; be

qondakala v.i. -- become comprehensible.

qondana v.i. -- concern; apply to.

qondela v.t. -- embroider (with beads).

qondisa v.t -- 1; set straight; correct; 2; direct; guide.

qonga v.i. -- 1; go high; soar up 2; raise voice high (in

qonqosela v.t. -- emphasise.

qonula v.i. -- run about; run here and there (of animals).

qopha v.t. -- 1; cut slits; cut notches 2; bear a rudge ag

qoqa v.t. -- collect; gather.

qoqoda v.t. -- knock.

qoqomela v.i. -- stand on tiptoe.

qothuka v.i -- wear smooth; get rubbed off; come out (of ha

qothula v.t. -- 1; rub smooth; rub off; 2; destroy ompletely

qotshama v.i. -- sit on the haunches squat

qububula v.t -- 1; drive off flies; etc.; drive away oxen; et

qubuka v.i. -- 1; break out in sores 2; swell up; erupt.

qukula v.t. -- lift a heavy object.

quma v.t. -- 1; cut; cut through; 2; decide.

qumba v.i. -- 1; be constipated; 2; swell out; distend; 3;

qumbaqumba v.t. -- tickle.

qumbisa v.t. -- cause to swell out; distend.

qunga v.t. -- 1; mix milk and whey (make umqungo); 2; toug

qunta v.t. -- break off (as leaves; etc.).

qupheza v.i. -- dance; kick up dust.

quphula v.t. -- dig out; uproot.

ququbala v.i. -- sit huddled up; cower.

qutha v.i. -- squat.

qwaqwaza v.t. -- click (sound of stick on stick); fence with sticks

qwayiza v.t. -- blink; wink.

sa v.i.; v.t. -- 1; v.i.; dawn; become light; 2; v.t.; take; send;

sabalala v.i -- be scattered; be spread about.

sabeka v.i. -- be fearful; be terrible; be fierce.

sabela v.i.;v.t. -- answer to a call.

sadalala v.i. -- pull hard.

sakaza v.t. -- 1; smash; 2; scatter; throw down.

sala v.i. -- remain; stay.

sanganisa v.t. -- puzzle; confuse.

sanganiseka v.i. -- get puzzled; get confused.

satha v.t. -- have sexual intercourse.

sayina v.t. -- sign; put one's signature.

sebenza v.t. & v.i. -- work; work at; labour.

sebenzela v.t. -- work for; serve.

sebenzisa v.t. -- cause to wor

sekela v.t. -- 1; support; brace; prop up; 2; support; seco

sela v.t. -- pluck fruit.

selwa v.i. -- 1; wane (of moon): 2; be late.

senga v.t. -- milk.

sesetha v.t. -- sift; winnow.

setsha v.t. -- search with a warrant.

sewula v.i. -- fall of first rains.

sibathela v.i. -- run away fast.

sibekela v.t. -- cover (with a lid; etc).

sibukula v.t. -- remove a lid.

sika v.t. -- cut across; amputate; saw off.

sikinya v.t. -- move.

sikinyeka v.i. -- move.

sikiza v.t. -- make a feint or pretense of hitting.

sila v.i. -- 1; live: 2; be well.

silela v.t. -- be deficient in; lack.

silisa v.t. -- 1; heal; cure; 2; save.

sina v.i. -- dance

sinama v.i. -- be angry; be cross; be surly.

sinda v.t. -- 1; be heavy; weigh heavy; 2; escape.

sinda v.t. -- smear a floor.

sindisa v.t. -- 1; overload 2; save.

singa v.t. -- shave.

singatha v.t. -- cuddle; hug.

siphula v.t. -- pull out weeds; grass; etc.

sitha v.t. -- hide; screen.

sitheka v.i. -- become hidden; become screened.

siza v.t. -- aid; help.

sizakala v.i. -- be helped.

sizila v.t. -- iron out; press flat

sobela v.i. -- disappear for a time.

soka v.t. -- circumcise.

soleka v.i. -- become blameworthy; be¬come faulty.

soma v.i. -- joke; sport.

sombuluka v.i -- come unrolled; come unfolded.

sombulula v.t. -- unfold; unroll

sondela v.i. -- approach; draw near; go near; come near.

sondeza v.t. -- bring near; bring close to; cause to get nea

songa v.t. -- 1; coil; coil up; roll up; 2; threaten: 3. c

songana v.i. -- get coiled.

songela v.t. -- threaten.

songeleka v.i. -- 1; become constipated 2; become threatened.

subela v.t. -- put on loin cloth.

subuka v.i. -- rub off; get grazed. subula; v.t.: rub off hair; g

subula v.t. -- rub off hair; graze.

suduka v.i -- move out of the way; move out of he light.

sudula v.t. -- move out of the way.

suka v.i. -- 1; go away; depart; set out; 2; begin (kusuk

sukela v.t. -- 1; spring at; attack; 2; depart frorn; begin

sukuma v.i. -- arise; rise up; stand.

sunduza v.t. -- push; shift.

sungula v.t. -- begin; initiate (as a discus¬sion; etc.).

susa v.t. -- clear away; remove; take away.

sutha v.i. -- become satisfied.

suthisa v.t. -- satisfy.

suza v.t. -- break wind (at anus).

swaba v.i. -- fade; wither.

swela v.t. -- lack; need; necessary.

sweleka v.i. -- be missing; be wanted; be

tatalika v.i. -- lurch; stagger.

tatazela v.i. -- be agitated; be nervous; be flurried.

tema v.t. -- cheer; greet; etc.using per¬son's 'isitemo)

temeleza v.i. -- praise extravagantly.

thaba v.i. -- delight in; be glad; be happy.

thaka v.t. -- make up medicine; etc.

thakatha v.i. & v.t. -- bewitch; practise witchcraft.

thakazela v.t. -- be genial to; welcome.

thaklazela v.t. -- throw down (heavily or carelessly).

thalaza v.i.;v.t. -- look around.

thama v.t. -- begin (as a discussion; etc.).

thamba v.i. -- become soft; become supple; become tame.

thambama v.i. -- become afternoon; begin to ecline (of sun).

thambeka v.i. & v.t. -- slope; lean to one side.

thambisa v.t. -- 1; make wet; soften; make pliable; 2; tame.

thanda v.t. -- like; love; prefer.

thandabuza v.i. -- doubt.

thandela v.i. & v.t. -- bind round; wind round; climb round.

thanduluka v.i. -- come unwound.

thandulula v.t. -- unwind.

thanya v.i. -- spring back (as a trap).

thanyela v.t. -- brush; sweep.

thapha v.t. -- take out (honey from a nest; clay rom a pit).

thaphuluka v.i. -- get stretched out.

thaphulula v.t. -- stretch out.

thatha v.t. -- I; take; 2; take a wife; marry; 3; thatha si

thathazela v.i. -- speak off the point; peak out of turn.

thatheka v.i. -- be carried way emotion¬aily; be easily infiu

thekeleza v.t. -- tie round; tie a knot.

thela v.t. -- pour; pour out; 2; sprinkle (as manure) 3

theleka v.i. -- come to; arrive; attack.

thelela v.t. -- 1; pour on to; water (the garden; etc.); spr

thelisa v.t -- collect tax; tax.

themba v.i. & v.t. -- trust; trust in; rely on; confide in h

thembeka v.i. -- become honest; become trustworthy.

thembisa v.t. -- promise.

thembuza v.i. -- go from wife to wife.

thena v.t. -- 1; castrate; 2; prune.

thenga v.t. -- buy.

thengisa v.t. -- sell.

thengiselana v.i -- trade; sell among one another.

thetha v.t. -- 1; try a law case; 2; scold; chide.

thethela v.t. -- sacrifice; sacrifice to; pray to ancestors.

thethelela v.t. -- forgive (sins; etc.).

thethisa v.t. -- swear at; scold

theza v.t. -- collect firewood.

thi v.i -- 1; say; 2; think; mean; 3; used with ideophon

thikameza v.t. -- disturb; interrupt.

thikaza v.i. -- 1; be disturbed; start back abruptly; 2; hes

thikazisa v.t. -- disturb.

thimula v.i -- sneeze; snort. absolute pron. (1st per. pl.):

thinta v.t. -- 1; touch; 2; check and turn back; or turn away ani

thintitha v.t. -- shake; shake out (as a blanket); beat (to ge

thithibala v.i. -- become perplexed; be¬come speechless.

thiya v.t. -- 1; trap;2; propup.

thoba v.i.; v.t. -- 1; v.i become humble; humble oneself; bow 2' v.t

thobeka v.i. -- become humble.

thobela v.t. -- appease; conciliate.

thobisa v.t. -- humiliate.

thokoza v.i -- be glad; be happy; be de¬lighted; rejoice.

thokozela v.i -- delight in; be delighted about.

thokozisa v.t. -- gladden; make happy; Please; comfort.

thola v.t. -- 1; find; discover; 2; get; obtain.

tholakala v.i -- be obtainable.

thomana v.t. -- follow on heels of; dog a person.

thomba v.i -- 1; mature; grow up; reach age of puberty 2; r

thonisa v.t. -- judge (a case).

thonisisa v.t. -- judge (a person).

thonta v.i. -- drip.

thontela v.i. -- drip on to.

thotha v.i. -- run along on the ground (as birds).

thuba v.i. -- be overcast; change colour.

thubela v.i. -- go away for a time.

thuka v.t. & v.i. -- abuse; curse; insult; use bad languag

thukuluka v.i. -- come untied

thukulula v.t. -- untie; unravei; undo.

thukuthela v.i. -- become angry.

thukuthelisa v.t. -- make angry; anger; enrage.

thukuza v.t. -- hide.

thula v.i -- be quiet; be silent; be peaceful.

thulisa v.t. -- appease; calm; quieten.

thulula v.t. -- empty; pour out.

thuma v.t. -- send.

thumba v.t. -- enslave; captivate; carry off; capture; pill

thumbela v.t. -- refuse to let a calf suck (of a cow).

thumela v.t. -- send; send to.

thumeza v.t. -- cause to send; send

thunaza v.t. -- ill-treat.

thunda v.i. -- urinate.

thundubala v.i. -- become blunt.

thunga v.t. -- 1; sew; darn; 2; pour out; serve (esp. beer)

thungamela v.t -- guide; lead

thungatha v.t. -- follow a scent.

thungela v.t. -- set fire to.

thungulula v.t. -- open eyes for the first time (as a kitten).

thunqa v.i -- smoke; rise of smoke

thunuka v.t. -- 1; hurt fedings of; 2; hurt OD a sore place.

thunukala v.i. -- 1; get upset; get upset easily; 2; get hurt

thusa v.t. -- 1; help; 2; treat a calf with certain medici

thutha v.t. -- move home; move from one place to another

thuthaza v.t. -- make a fool of.

thuthuka v.i. -- 1; grow; progress; 2; move; go away.

thuthumela v.i. -- shiver; quake.

thuthuza v.t. -- puff out (as smoke); discharge (as matter f

thutsha v.i. -- appear suddenly.

thuza v.t. -- strike or attack (esp. with a stick).

thwahlaza v.t. -- hit with a missile.

thwala v.t. -- 1. bear or carry on head or on shoulder; 2.b

thwalelana v.t. -- ignore others; refuse to greet others.

thwasa v.i. -- 1; appear or come out for the first lime (as

thwayizela v.i. -- bob up and down when moving along (as does an ostrich)

thwetsh'ula v.t. -- tear right off (as skin of an animal).

tolika v.t. -- interpret; translate.

topola v.t. -- prick with beak.

tota v.i. -- sink down in wet or muddy place.

totoba v.i. -- walk feebly (as old person).

totoza v.t. -- pet; pamper; spoil

tsahaza v.t. -- scatter; strew.

tsaka v.t. -- squirt out of mouth (between the teeth).

tsha v.i -- 1; burn; become burnt: 2; dry up.

tshabalala v.i. -- disappear for ever; come to nothing.

tshada v.t. -- marry; perfom marriage ceremony.

tshadisa v.t. -- marry; perform marriage ceremony.

tsh'akala v.i. -- run about (as a run away horse).

tshakaza v.i. -- come into flower ( of corn plant).

tshaphaza v.i. -- be slovenly; be lazy.

tshaphuluka v.i. -- 1; be revived; 2; be straight (of stiff limb

tshaqa v.i. -- be acrid; be bitter.

tshaqeka v.i. -- be appalled; be amazed.

tshatshama v.i. -- be plentiful.

tshaya v.t. -- 1; beat; hit; strike; 2; punish 3; play a ba

tshayana v. -- strike one another; collide.

tshayela v.t. -- drive a vehicle

tshaza v.t. -- blast with cold; blacken with frost.

tshazwa v.i. -- be frosted; be frost-bitten.

tsheba v.t. -- 1; eat or take relish; 2; flavour; add flavo

tsheda v.i. -- move backwards; move sideways.

tsh'eka v.i -- 1; lean; incline; 2; have diarrhoea.

tsh'ekela v.i. -- lean on; incline towards.

tsh'ekisa v.t. -- 1; lean; prop; 2; give a iaxative to.

tsh'ela v.t. -- tell; inform.

tshelela v.i. -- slip; slide; be slippery.

tshena v.i. -- cut teeth.

tsh'engisa v.t. -- show; point out.

tshetsha v.i. -- move quickly; hurry

tshetshezela v.i. -- trot; shufffle aloog quickly.

tshibilika v.i. -- turn right round.

tshikatshika v.i. -- toil; toil at.

tshikitsha v.i. -- dance.

tsh'ikiza v.t. & v.i. -- wag (the tail); vibrate; quiver.

tshila v.t. & v.i. -- twist; twistwound.

tshinga v.i. -- be unruly

tshinikeza v.i. -- sulk; show unwillingness by look or action.

tshipha v.i -- 1; be cheap (in perf. only: kutshiphile„it i

tshipheka v.i. -- get fed up with; get disgusted with.

tshiphela v.t. -- cause one to have aversion from; cause one t

tshisa v.t. -- 1; burn; burn up; scorch; 2; dry; dry up; v.

tshiseka v.i. -- be very keen to do; be zealous.

tshitsha v.i. -- walk quickly.

tshitshiliza v.i.;vt. -- 1; glance off; 2; skid; slide.

tshitshimba v.i. -- dance (a dance of olden times).

tshiya v.t. -- abandon; leave behind; omit; neglect.

tshiyoza v.i. -- cheep.

tsho v.t. & v.i. -- 1; assert; say; 2; think; mean.

tshobola v.t. -- prick with beak.

tsh'oka v.t. -- shoot an arrow; squirt water.

tsholobela v.i. -- disappear eventually.

tshombuluka v.i. -- come uncoiled.

tshombulula v.t. -- uncoil.

tshona v.i. -- 1; go down sink; sag; be deep; 2; set (cf su

tshono v. -- imperative form of verb -tsho.

tsh'opoka v.i. -- spring.

tshotsha v.i. -- 1; wander off (of animals) move ahead quickl

tshotshobala v.i. -- cringe; cower (as with fear).

tshova v.t. -- 1; pedal (a bicycle) 2; push.

tshudula v.i.;v.t. -- shuffle.

tshuka v.t. -- rub together in hands; soften a skin; curry.

tshukuma v.i. -- toss about (restlessly).

tshumayela v.t. -- preach; declare.

tshumayeza v.t. -- preach to; address.

tsh'ungubala v.i. -- squeeze through' a narrow place.

tshutshisa v.t. -- prosecute.

tshutshuma v.i. -- have excess of fat.

tshwabhana v.i. -- shrink up; shrivel up; become withered.

tshwakaza v.i. -- rustle (of something in undergrowth); make s

tshwama v.t. -- toughen up (esp. warriors by witchcraft pro

tshwapha v.i. -- become thin; become emaciated.

tshwaphuluka v.i. -- be revived.

tshwaphulula v.t. -- revive.

tshwaqa v.i. -- 1; be nervous; 2; shrink (of a ound).

tshwaqisa v.t. -- unnerve; make he hair stand on end.

tshwathika v.t. -- hide away; slip in under (to conceal).

tshwatshwaza v.i. -- 1; make hissing noise (as oasting food); 2;

tshw'aya v.t. -- sprinkle salt.

vakatsha v.i. -- visit.

vala v.t. -- close; shut; lock the way.

valela v.t. -- 1; shut in; 2; shut out; exclude; shut again

valelisa v.t. -- take leave of; say goodbye to.

vama v.i. -- abound; become plentiful.

vamvuza v.t. -- sprinkle (powder; etc.).

vathuza v.t. -- knock or shake off (as fruit from a tree).

vela v.i. -- 1; come forth; appear; 2; come from; 3; happ

velela v.t. -- happen to; befall.

vetheza v.i. -- gossip.

veza v.t. -- 1; bring forth; show; produce; 2; expose; 3;

vika v.t. -- 1; avoid; dodge; duck; 2; ward

vikela v.t. -- 1; defend; 2; ward off; take preventive meas

vikeleka v.i. -- become safe.

vikiza v.t. -- cut or chop up small.

vilapha v.i. -- be idle; be lazy.

vimba v.t. -- block up; stuff up.

vimbana v.i. -- become stuffy.

vimbanisa v.t. -- 1; make a lot of noise 2; make stuffy.

vimbela v.t. -- prevent; close the way to; block the way gai

vimbezela v.t. -- shut in; besiege.

vitsha v.t. -- pack tight (of hedge).

viyoca v.i -- move down; go down.

vodloza v.t. -- smash.

votshozela v.i. -- make heavy trudging sound.

vuba v.t. -- mix together; stir up.

vubela v.t. -- mix with yeast.

vuka v.i. -- 1; awake; wake up; 2; rise; revive to life;

vukela v.t. -- rise up against; rebel against.

vula v.t. -- open.

vuleka v.i -- be open; come open.

vulela v.t. -- open to; allow in.

vumbuluka v.i. -- come uncovered; come unearthed; become revea

vumbulula v.t. -- uncover; unearth; reveal.

vumela v.t. -- allow; approve; consent permit (N.B.: vunyel

vumelana v. -- agree with one another; be of the same mind.

vumisa v.t. -- 1; cause to agree; 2; divine.

vuna v.t. -- 1; harvest; reap; 2; side with.

vunda v.i. -- 1; become rich or fertile (of soil); 2; go b

vundisa v.t. -- make the soil rich.

vungama v.i. -- growl murmur; grumble.

vungula v.t. -- pick the teeth.

vunguza v.i. -- blow hard (of wind).

vunula v.i. -- adorn oneself in finery; w ar fine clothes.

vunyelwa v.pass. -- be lawful; be permitted.

vusa v.t. -- arouse; wake up; rouse the feelings (vusa in

vuselela v.t. -- revive.

vutha v.i. -- blaze; burn up (of fire; angers etc.).

vuthela v.t. -- 1; cause to blaze (of fire; anger; etc.); 2;

vuthuka v.i. -- fall off; get shaken off; fall about.

vuthwa v.pass. -- become ripe; become cooked; become curdle

vuvuka v.i -- swell up (as a wound).

vuvuzela v.t. -- sprinkle (powder; mealie meal; etc.).

vuza v.t. -- 1; award; reward; 2; v.i.; leak.

wa v.i. -- fall; drop down.

wahlaza v.t. -- slap the face.

wakala v.t. -- slap the face.

walazela v.i. -- do hastily and carelessly.

watsha v.t. -- wash clothes.

wela v.i.;v.t. -- fall on to; fall into.

wela v.t. -- cross over (a river; etc.).

welela v.t. -- cross over to.

weza v.t. -- take across.

wisa v.t. -- cause to fall; drop; knock down ush down (zi

wohloka v.i. -- shower down; fall down.

wohloza v.t. -- shake down; shower down.

wola v.t. -- gather up rubbish.

wumana v.i -- be delirious.

xaba v.t. -- roast (on a frame); roast (of the sun).

xabana v.i. -- quarrel.

xabanisa v.t. -- cause others to quarrel.

xaka v.t. -- 1; feed forcibly; 2; place in difficulties.

xakazela v.i. -- bustle about.

xakela v.i.;v.t. -- have-difficulty in giving birth (of animals)

xakulula v.t. -- straighten out (something entangled).

xamalaza v.i -- stand with legs apart.

xathuka v.i. -- come off in layers or cakes.

xathula v.t. -- peel off in layers or cakes.

xebuka v.i -- get stripped off.

xebula v.t.- -- strip off; peel off.

xega v.i. -- become loose; become unsteady; work loose

xegisa v.t. -- loosen.

xeka v.i. -- give way; get away.

xexebuka v.i. -- come off; peel off.

xexebula v.t. -- take off; peel off (as scab).

xhakela v.i. -- germinate of itself; sprout.

xhanxatha v.t. -- gnaw; bite gently.

xhapha v.t. -- lap up.

xhaphazela v.i. -- 1; splutter (of water); 2; splutter (of peop

xhawula v.t. -- shake hands.

xhokoza v.t. -- 1; jab; poke; 2; annoy.

xhoma v.t. -- 1; hang up; 2; impale.

xhopha v.t. -- hurt the eye.

xhophosa v.t. -- prick.

xhoxhoza v.t. -- sound the depth; feel the depth.

xhuma v.t. -- 1; drink a little; 2; graft; splice.

xhumelela v.t. -- graft on to; splice on to.

xhwala v.i. -- rebel (against authority).

xhwatha v.i. -- bubble and seethe.

xokozela v.i. -- talk loudly; make a tumult.

xolela v.t. -- excuse a person; pardon.

xolisa v.t. -- apologise; express regret; beg pardon.

xotsha v.t. -- banish; drive off; drive away; chase.

xova v.t. -- mix by treading; knead.

xoxa v.i. -- chat.

xoxela v.i. -- chat about; chat with.

xoxomela v.i. -- stand on tiptoe.

xoza v.t. -- peel off rind; cut off rind.

xuba v.t. -- mix.

xubana v.i -- mix; be mixed.

xubha v.t. -- rinse or wash the mouth; clean teeth.

xukuxa v.t. -- work a tight thing loose.

xwaya v.i.;v.t. -- be on the alert; beware; avoid.

xwayisa v.t. -- admonish; caution; warn.

ya v.i. -- go to.

yakaza v.t. -- rinse out; swill out.

yalaza v.i. -- be agitated; move in confusion.

yaluzisa v.t. -- agitate; confuse.

yanga v.t. -- to shame; cause to feel shame.

yangeka v.i. -- be shamed.

yangisa v.t. -- deride. mock; shame.

yekela v.t. -- 1; cease; stop; 2; forgive; 3; let go; leave

yeketha v.i. -- hang loosely; be slack (of rope; tc.).

yekethisa v.t. -- cause to hang loosely; tie loosely.

yenda v.i -- -yendezela;1; stagger; be unsteady 2; sway t

yenga v.t. -- allure; seduce; entice.

yocuka v.i. -- get taken off (of skin).

yocula v.t. -- take a skin off forcibly (by tearing; by bur

zaca v.i. -- become thin.

zala v.t. -- give birth.

zalana v.i. -- be related by blood.

zama v.t. -- attempt; try.

zamazama v.i. -- shake violently; quake. ku-zanbzama (uku): a

zamazamisa v.t. -- shake violently.

zamelela v.i. -- press on; press towards; go all out for.

zamula v.i. -- yawn.

zeka v.t. -- 1; mount: 2; mate (of animals).

zekelisa v.t. -- tell riddles.

zenga v.i. -- loiter.

zibula v.i. -- give birth to firstbom child.

zika v.i. -- settle down to the bottom; sink right own.

zila v.t. -- 1; abstain from; fast 2; mourn.

zilazila v.i. -- move restlessly (as when nervous; etc.).

zimuka v.i -- become fat (of people).

zingela v.t. -- 1; hunt; 2; persecute.

zingeleza v.t. -- go round.

zingelezela v.t. -- encircle; surround.

zinza v.i -- 1; be comfortable and happy; 2; settle down.

zomba v.i -- wind about.

zompola v.t. -- snatch.

zonda v.t. -- hate; dislike; get cross.

zondeka v.i. -- be hateful.

zongolozela v.t. -- wind round; wind up.

zophana v.i -- take turns with.

zophisana v.i -- alternate do in turns.

zula v.i -- 1; go about; wander 2; hover.

zungeleza v.t. -- encircle.

zunguza v.t. -- sway; wave.

zunguzeka. v.i. -- sway.

zuza v.t. -- attain; obtain; gain.

zwa v.t. -- 1; hear; understand; 2; feel; 3; taste.

zwakala v.i. -- 1; be heard; 2; be known; 3; taste.

zwana v. -- 1; be friendly; 2; hear one another.

zwisa v.t. -- cause to feel.

zwisisa v.t. -- understand fully.


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