Here are some youtube videos of short comic videos and videos that help give you a feel of Southern Africa in different ways. The first videos have quite a lot of isiZulu and isXhosa, which are languages quite similar to isiNdebele. It is not the best for teaching you pure isiNdebele as it is a mixture of languages used in Southern Africa, but there are subtitles. Enjoy though, and listen to some pronounciation:

Here is a funny South African made short video in English mainly but at least it gives you some Southern African exposure to humor: Sharp sharp Sniper!

or some music such as the Ndebele Rhumba from Ndololwane Super Sounds:

and this is purely for fun:

Here is a gospel song:

Here is some good youtube learning material:

Here are a couple of short comedy skits for those who are more advanced as there are no subtitles and the audio is not great: 

For this one, the music is loud, so turn it down a bit:

Also, here is some old but good songs:
by Black Umfolosi:
by Dorothy Masuku:

Njalo, nxa uyafuna ukujiva (And, if you'd like to jive/dance), you can pick up some of the dance moves from these videos:

Here is a short clip about one of the kind of ants found in Matabeleland, the formidable Matabele ant which packs a sting which is not deadly but is quite sore:

You can get started learning for free here in the Lessons tab, or ask questions in the Community Questions tab.



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