If you can find these books, we would highly recommend using them to learn isiNdebele properly:
  1. Our humble, pride and joy, book is available on Amazon: "Northern Ndebele Phrasebook". 
  2. Lessons in Ndebele by James and Pamela Pelling, printed by Mambo Press, Gweru 1997. Published by Longman Zimbabwe Pvt, Ltd (Red cover)
  3. A New Ndebele Grammar by J. R. Shenk, published by Brethren in Christ Church, Matopo Book Centre, P.O. Box 554, Bulawayo (Blue cover)
  4. Ndebele- English dictionary (Grey cover with picture of boy with headphones on), Longman publishers.
  5. A bit of audio in Ndebele:
  6. Book to purchase from Mambo Press:
  7. Book from Mambo Press:
  8. List of books from Mambo Press in Ndebele: contact details here:
  9. Ndebele bible from Christian Cum books:
  10. Free pdf's of the Bible books in Ndebele to download/ read: e.g.
  11. Ndebele bible from Amazon: or
  12. Ithemba Kalibulali (Hope does not kill):
  13. Poetry by Albert Nyathi.
You can get started learning for free here in the Lessons tab, or ask questions in the Community Questions tab.



  1. Thank you very much for your blog. Over 40 years ago, I was introduced to the dog breed Rhodesian Ridgeback (time to change the name?). We now have a puppy, and decided to use Ndebele words and phrases as her commands. I found the phrase "Uwahti kurida" (She knows how to dance) on another website, and that is her name, as she does love to prance around. We call her Kurida. It has been difficult to find a source for commands, such as come, sit, stay, lie down, etc. Your site has been very helpful. I would like to be able to communicate directly with you to learn more. Would that be possible? Do you have a Facebook page? For some reason, I cannot create an account here.

    1. ( time to change the name ?) ....The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a breed of very courageous dog , which has a solid and honourable reputation ..,.Its integrity and place of origin gave its name , not some bone head politician belonging to a corrupt and inept system of government .

  2. Hello. You are most welcome, I'm glad you're learning some isiNdebele. Rhodesian ridgebacks are really nice dogs. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it appears that somehow the phrase you mentioned is incorrect as it is not isiNdebele. For one thing, the letter "r" does not appear in isiNdebele. For the other phrases, you could use "buya/ woza" for "come", "hlalapansi" for "sit down", "melela" for "stay/wait" and maybe "lala" for "lie down/ sleep". We have a facebook page which you are welcome to add:, but it is mainly to redirect people to this blog.

  3. I thank you for this website. Ngiyabonga kakhulu ngewebsite really learning isiNdebele...I have a passion to learn it and im willing to learn........I would appreciate it if you would send me some soft copies of some more lessons, or even pdf books, if you have them to my email address

  4. Hawu, Lioness! Haha, you are most welcome sisi wami (my sister). Unfortunately we are away from the computer now but I will try to guide you to people you can contact/ buy some good books from.

    I suggest you look at books like these from Mambo Press:

    or purchase books like this if you can:

    or look at translated books like:

    If you are religious (or even if you're not), you may enjoy these free pdf's of the Bible that you can just click on to read or click "download":

    Sahle kahle mngan'ami (stay well my friend)

  5. I was learning Gaeilge and Esperanto but wanted to learn something different and unique so I looked up African languages and found out about Zulu, I then learned about Ndebele. I really want to learn this language. I am 17. Where should I start and is there any websites I can learn more on grammar?

    1. Hi Nathanael, uxolo for the late response. If you peruse this site, you can pick up many good siNdebele phrases. The similarities between isiZulu and siNdebele are very many and those between siNdebele and isiXhosa are also many. Effectively, learning siNdebele will put you in a good stead to know 3 major Southern African languages and help you to understand "Bantu' languages throughout Africa such as chiChewa and kiSwahili. I would start here with the "Basic isiNdebele" tab. After that I would go onto the first tab "isiNdebele lamuhla" and make sure to start at the bottom (scroll down) and then work your way up. There are also tabs with videos, music, slang and a lot to keep your language brain entertained. It is important to enjoy yourself as you pick up a language. That being said, it is our plan to put up more structured, traditional lessons soon so look out for those. In terms of nouns and grammar, we have put up an extensive list in the vocabulary tab. I would advise you to check all the tabs at the top of the blog and read the information there, new and old

  6. Hi Just discovered your resource which is quite wonderful. Not sure if thissite is still being actively maintained but I am looking for an audio based learning resource to learn isiNdebele as I learn better by listening than reading. Is there anything out there that is a complete resource for a beginner like myself
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi, we're very glad it helps and hope you're having fun. For sure, we will be posting more audio in the future.

  7. This blog is very good for us every time learning new.

  8. halo can u help me learn isndbele l need every possible wat that can help me learn fast and effectively it audio or books thank you

    1. That is great. You can check the Lessons tab on the blog here for free learning. You can also buy the Ndebele phrasebook on Amazon


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