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Salibonani bangane. If you are new, please start at the post right at the bottom of the blog and work your way up to today's newest post. Kulungile (ok), lamuhla (today) we will go over the 8 classes in isiNdebele. Nansi (here it is):

njalo (and) some vocabulary:

bonga- thank
bhonga- roar

The difference in the "h" must thus be expressed, and we make the h sound by a sudden rush of air in an aspirated sound. It is not difficult, imagine the first "h" in "hahaha", now put that "h" sound after the "b" in bhonga, so it is b-(air aspirated)-onga.

Now you can say Ngiyabonga (I am thankful/ thank you) and Isilwane iyabhonga (The lion is roaring)


  1. thank you for the lessons.my ndebele is progressing

    1. Kulungile Pelicia, siyajabula ukusiza. Enjoy yourself

  2. Kuhle sibili Pelicia, you are most welcome

  3. Hi Graham,
    Many thanks for ua blog. I am starting my Ndembele language journey seen as am marrying a Ndembele man. Are you able to kindly translate a phrase for me into Ndembele?

     "I thank God every day that you were brought into my life, and I thank you for loving me."

    Giddy bless,

    1. Salibonani Florence, uxolo for the late response. Your message is so sweet. In Ndebele I would say "Ngithi ngiyabonga weNkosi yami nsukuzonke ukuthi wena uyabuya sami, njalo ngiyabonga ukuthi uyathanda mina". You can use the phrase ngiyakuthanda ndoda (/tshomi)= I love you man (/my friend). Hawu, kanti siyajabula kakhulu konapha, best wishes


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