Modern new Ndebele words and some Ndebele vocab

Salibonani bangane (hello friends), today I want to make a short post. Again, if you are new, please look at the posts right at the bottom (scroll down) and then work your way up to today's newest post.

Ok, I just want to talk about the fact that there are some new/ modern words that there is no real Ndebele words for. The words used are sometimes made by simply placing an "i" in front of the English word, e.g. keyboard= ikeyboard, speaker= ispeaker etc. There are other words for izinto (things) like an aeroplane, which some people say is "iflying machine" but is actually indizamtshina. Also, the name for some things comes from the sound they make e.g. umdududu = motorbike, imoto = motorcar. Kanti, ngicambanga ukuthi (but I think that) you are now worried about the language, so I will leave you with a few real Ndebele phrases to restore your faith:

Uyasebenza lapha aze athole omunye umsebenzi = He is working here until he finds another job.
Izilwane zibulala zibuye zidle = The lions kill and then eat.
Nxa efika abongibona = When he comes he should see me.
Ubatshele ukuthi babohamba ekuseni = Tell them that they should go in the morning.
kanzima = with difficulty
utshani obuluhlaza = grass green (green grass)
ubumnene = kindness
igabha lamanzi = a water container/ tin
amandla okunqoba = power to conquer
kahle = beautifully, nicely, carefully
kakhulu = very, greatly, a lot

Sure bakhithi, ngiyakhuluma kakhulu khathesi (sure folks, I am speaking a lot now)

Hamba kahle bangane (go well friends), sizakubona ( we will see) next time

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  1. Some spelling errors that I saw e.g bakhithi instead of 'bakithi'& ngicambanga instead of 'ngicabanga'.


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