Local food in Ndebele

Salibonani bangane (It is nice to see you/ hello friends). As always, if you are new, please read the siNdebele lessons from the bottom (scroll down) and work up to this, the newest post. Kahle, (good) let us look at some ukudla (foods), indigenous fruit and umbhida (vegetables) lamhla (today).

amaputi - roasted maize
impuphu - maize meal (used to make isitshwala/ sadza/ pap)
utshwala- local shake-shake beer made with lots of amanzi (water)
inyawuthi - millet (milled into flour or used in beer brewing)
amabele - sorghum (milled into flour or used in beer brewing)
impuphu yamabele - sorghum flour
amazambane - ground nuts/ peanuts
idobi - peanut butter
amasi - sour milk/ lacto
idelele - bush okra
amatamatisi - tomatoes
izinhlwa - flying ants (you can fry them and they are tasty and oily enough on their own)
intethe- locusts
amacimbi (there is that "c" click to practice) - worms that are dried and eaten as a delicacy
umhobohobo - Mahobohobo/ wild loquat. Similar to loquat yellow fleshy tasty fruit
umganu - marula tree and fruit. Very tasty fruit which can also be made into alcohol
umhlali - sweet monkey orange
uxhakuxhaku (remember the soft click "x" sounds) - snot apple/ African chewing gum
inhlanzi - fish
ihabahaba - dried fruit pith from Monkeybread tree (similar to baobab)
umhlabangubo - black jack

More isiNdebele vocabulary:

ukupheka - to cook e.g. Ngizakupheka 'mabhida - I will cook some vegetables.
igwayi - tobacco
isifuba - chest
abazali - parents
isigubhu - drum/ container
isivalo - lid
isipho - gift (also a good name- "Sipho")
amathumbu- entrails/ stomach lining
lawe futhi - and you also/ as well

Yebo bangane, ngidiniwe kakhulu. Ngifuna ukulala khathesi (Yes friends, I am tired a lot. I want to sleep now). Lala kahle - sleep well!

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