Salibonani bangane (nice to see you friends).

If you are just starting your journey to learn and have fun with isiNdebele, please look at the first posts at the bottom of this page (scroll down) and work your way to this, the newest post.

We are always happy to have contributions. Thanks to those who have contributed Ndebele phrases so far. This is a shout out to all other would-be contributors. If there is anything you would like us to put up, please comment or pop an email to:  

or on Northern Ndebele on Facebook 

 Northern Ndebele on Facebook
 Northern Ndebele

Thanks for your suggestions and help in teaching people more about the fascinating Ndebele language. Siyabonga kakhulu.

Kulungile, lamuhla, let us go over the numbering again.

Though English numbers are often used in urban settings, these are the numbers in siNdebele:
8kuyisitshiyanga lombili
9kuyisitshiyanga lolunye
Enjoy your journey, njalo siyabonga bakithi.

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