Basic Ndebele phrases

Salibonani, today we will go over about 8 basic isiNdebele phrases (of the amaNdebele people) to get you started:

Salibonani- hello (or literally "we have seen eachother")
Unjani (linjani)?- how are you (you plural)?
Ngiyaphila (siyaphila)- I am fine (we are fine)
Ngikhona (sikhona)- I am fine (we are fine) [literally means "I am here"]
Unjani wena?- How are you? (response)

Yebo, ye- yes, ya
Hayikhona/ hayi/ hayibo- no, nope, no way

Ngiyabonga (siyabonga)- I thank you (we thank you)

Hamba kahle- go well/ good bye (said by the person leaving the place)
Sahle kahle- stay well/ good bye (said by the person staying behind)

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