Uhamba njani? (How is it going?)

Salibonani tshomi, uhamba njani? (Hello buddy/pal, how is it going?) I hope you're enjoying using some of the isiNdebele words previously discussed.

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Today I'll talk a bit about modes of transport.
car- imota
train- isitimela
bus- ibhasi
bicycle- ibhayisikili
aeroplane- indizamtshina
walking- hamba lenyawo ( you know hamba= "go" lo means "with" and inyawo means "foot" so "to go by foot")
To ride= ukugada (just a side note, the part uku in front of a verb means "to do something" e.g. gada= ride (like you telling someone to ride) whereas ukugada means "to ride")

Sentences: Ngiyagada ibhayisikili- I am riding a bicycle
                 Ngitshayela imota- I drive a car

More vocab: inombolo= a number
(uku)xoxa= (to) chat
indaba= news so khuluma indaba= talk about the news, xoxa indaba= chat about news
phezulu= up/ lift up (for anything from faka phezulu- put it up to Nkhosi esezulwini- God in heaven)
phansi= down e.g. hlala phansi= sit down (e.g. you would say to children in class)

An example of a teacher greeting his students. Students stand as the teacher enters the room:
Teacher: Salibonani bantwana- hello children
Class (children): Salibonani mnumzana/ mbalisi - hello sir/ teacher
Teacher: Yebo, linjani?- yes, how are you (plural)
Class: Ngiyaphila ngingabuza wena?- I am fine and I ask about you?
Teacher: Ngiyaphila. Hlala phansi- I am fine, sit down
Class: All sit down

Yebo tshomi, sizakubona kusasa futhi. Hamba kuhle (yes buddy, we will see eachother tomorrow again. Go well/ goodbye)


  1. Wow...what a useful site. Thank you so much for starting this up. I am very keen to improve my Ndebele and this helps a lot.


    T. Nortje
    Byo, Zims

  2. You are most welcome mngane. Bulawayo is a great place to practice too. Hamba kahle

  3. The correct term is Hamba 'ngenyawo'...hamba lenyawo says 'go with feet/foot'...and the iNkosi (the Lord) as opposed to Nkhosi.

  4. Married to my ndebele husband am enjoying surprisibg him with my new found knowledge ngiyabonga also trying to teach my
    2yr old daughter

  5. Uhamba njani means how are you going not how is it going


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