Ndebele names

Salibonani bangane (It is nice to see you/ hello friends). As always, if you are new, please read the siNdebele lessons from the bottom (scroll down) and work up to this, the newest post. As usual, the Ndebele words are in bold where possible and translated in brackets.

Obviously kulamabizo eminengi kodwa (there are names in a great number but) sizakubona khathesi amabizo 'mnandi (we will look now at nice names [in terms of meanings]).
Key: g = usual girl's name and b = usual boy's name but only in my general view.

Nomandla - g "mother of strength"
Noxolo - g "mother of peace/ forgiveness"
Thembile - g "Hopeful"
Nonhlanhla - g "Mother of luck"
Thembeka - g "be reliable"
Thandiwe (Thandi) - g "Beloved" or g "loved one"
Nobuhle/ buhle - g "mother of beauty"/ "beauty"
Thandeka - g "Lovely"
Nomagugu - g "Mother of treasures/ precious things"
Gugulethu - g "our treasure"
Zenzile - g "you are responsible for what you have become"
Nomandla - g "mother of strength"
Nomzamo - g "mother of effort/ attempts"
Nomvula - g "mother of opening rains"
Nomalanga - g "mother of sunshine"
Nomasonto - g "mother of Sunday/ church"
Sibusiswe/ busiswe - g "we're blessed"/ the baby is a blessed one
Sibongile - g "we are grateful/ give thanks"

Xolani - b "peace upon all of you"
Siyabonga - b "we are grateful"
Mandla - b "strength"
Jabulani - b "be happy all"
Lunga - b "be kind"
Themba - b "hope/ trust"
Musa - b "kindness/ mercy"
Nhlanhla - b "good luck/ lucky one"
Njabulo - b "joy/ happiness"
Sandile - b "we have extended in number"
Thabani - b "you all be joyful"
Vusumuzi - b "rekindle the family"
Sifiso - b "what we wished for"
Mthokozisi - b "The one who gives joy"
Simphiwe - b "he is our gift" e.g. simphiwe yiNkosi (he is our gift from God)
Zenzele - b "do it yourself"
Mandlakhe - b "his efforts"
Mlungisi - b "the one who brings order"
Langelihle - b "good day"
Sibusiso - b "blessing"
Mandlenkosi - b "strength of God"
Bonginkosi - b/g "be grateful to God"
Sihawukele - b "have mercy on us"
Dumisani - b "You all give praises". Shortened to "Dumi" sometimes
Ndumiso- b "Praise" a quite common Ndebele name

Sure bangane, lilale kahle (sure friends, sleep well).


  1. eminengi kumele kube amanengi
    sizakubona kumele kube sizawabona

  2. "Thandi" is short for Thandiwe, with out the suffix "-iwe" the meaning is lost. Sleep well = lilale kahle

  3. samkele/Semkele means welcome.

  4. What does Buumi mean?

  5. What does Buumi mean?

  6. What does Buumi mean?

  7. Ngiyabonga Mlondolozi, I see it now in the welcome tab too

  8. What does Buumi means


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