Proverbs in Ndebele

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Kulungile, for those in the community who are keen for some proverbs in Ndebele lamhlanje, nansi:

Umuntu abozinuka amakhwapha - Everyone has flaws to be aware of.
Kwabo kagwala kakulasililo - Prevention is better than cure.
Inyembezi zendoda zehlela esifubeni - Men will try not to show that they are sad.
Inotho ngamazolo - Your possessions last only until tomorrow.
Inja ingaqhoba ithambo iyejwayela - One who is helped will return.
Akugeza lingelasiyinga - No person is perfect.
Intandane enhle ngekhothwa ngunina - One who is well looked after is joyous.
Indlovu ibulawa yibunyonyo - A lot of small steps can overcome a large problem.
Inhlanhla kayiphindwa kabili - Luck does not come a second time.
Ubukhosi ngamazolo - Be careful not to misuse your power over someone below you, because tomorrow you may be down to his position again.
Umlomo kawugcwalelwa ngumfula - It is easy to say than to do.
Ukubona kanye yikubona kabili - If it happens once, the second time you will know.
Ungexotshe'mpala zimbili - You cannot do two things at once.
Inhlwa kayibanjwa ngekhanda - First you should use your head/ learn, and then speak.
Isikhuni sitshisa umkhwezeli - One who troubles others will also be troubled.
Imamba yalukile, ubuchakide buchelesile - Similar to "when the cat is away, the mice will play".
Isithukuthuku senja siphelela oboyeni - Some toil for very little in return.
Amajodo awela abangelambiza - Luck can happen to fools.
Imbiza ibila ngokukhwezelwa - You can say this to encourage people to keep it up.
Sizayicela isivuthiwe - It shall be there for us to admire when we are done.

For the above proverbs, the isiNgisi translations are approximate, to show the meaning. For example, Indlovu ibulawa yibunyonyo can translate to something like "the big elephant is killed by small ants." 
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Have fun bakithi, sahle kuhle.


  1. Thanks for sharing izaga and meanings. A few interpretations that may help

    Sizayicela isivuthiwe - whatever you are doing (bad or good), the end result will be out there for everyone to see. Usually said to reprimand.

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