Ndebele Future Tense and Um/Imibhida


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Lesson 36 is an easy introduction on how you can say things that you will do in the future (isikhathi esizayo), such as "sizakudla" (we are going to eat) or "kaliyikuhamba" (you won't go). For fun lamuhla, here are some vegetables in Ndebele, comment if you can think of more.

  • Itamatisi - Tomato (it is in the noun class "ili/ama", if you don't know what that means, hope on over to the Lessons tab to see the less than a dozen isiNdebele noun classes. For tomatoes it goes from itamatisi to amatamatisi, hence it is in the noun class "ili/ama").
  • imbambayile (im/izim) - sweet potato (welcome back from the Lesson tab, if you know the noun classes now, you'll know the plural is izimbambayile for sweet potatoes).
  • Igwili (ili/ama) - potato.
  • Ithanga (ili/ama) - pumpkin.
  • Amakhomane - vegetable marrows.
  • Ijodo (ili/ama) - dry melon/ pig melon (ikhabe (ili/ama) is a watermelon by contrast.
  • And a bonus one to make from the imibhida (vegetables) in a imbiza (saucepan/ pot) is umhluzi - soup.

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