Ndebele music. Try translate some of these songs bangane

Salibonani bangane (It is nice to see you/ hello friends). As always, if you are new, please read the siNdebele lessons from the bottom (scroll down) and work up to this, the newest post. As usual, the Ndebele words are in bold where possible and translated in brackets.

Ok zwana bangane (listen friends), I want you to listen to some good old siNdebele music lamuhla (today). Awufuni (you don't want)? Hayibo (no way), lalela kuphela bangane (just listen only friends) njalo dinga ma'artists leyi (and find these artists). Some of these old but good songs from kudala (a long time ago) are here so just click and it will open a new window:


or start with one of my favourites: http://vimeo.com/78022136 or http://vimeo.com/78023619
  • Dorothy Masuka- a great jazz singer and friend and contemporary collaborator of Miriam Makeba
(she wrote the original "Pata Pata" song, "MaGumede" "Khawuleza", "Somandla" etc)
  • Lovemore Majaivana - one of the most popular Ndebele singer e.g. Tshilamoya, Umoya Wami, Uzakufa Kubi, Ngifuna imali etc.

Nxa uyafuna ichallenge (if you would like...), try pick up the words njalo sizakuxoxa (and we will chat) about them. Some vocabulary to help a bit:

Ntombi - girl
umfazi / abafazi - wife/ wives
ngabantu - of the people (abantu = people)
tshisa - (sounds like chisa in Ndebele pronounciation) hot/ burn, but its slang meaning is "that's hot" or "cool"
umoya wami - spirit/ soul of mine
tshilamoya - dustdevil/ spirit, it is used for the football team, Highlander's slogan alongside "Bosso"
pata pata - usually refers to the slip-slop/ pata-pata beach shoes but also refers to dance
Ngifuna imali - I want money
Putting "Ma" in front of someone's name is like saying mama someone, or Mrs, so MaDube is Mother Dube (the name "Dube" means zebra by the way)
khawuleza - hurry up, similar to tshetsha baba, asihambe (hurry man, we are going)
ngithanda - I like e.g. ngithanda isiNdebele (I like Ndebele)
Sihawukele- "have mercy on us". Used in mass and prayers e.g. Nkosi sihawukele, Kristu sihawkele, Nkosi sihawukele (Lord have mercy)
Angizwa - I don't understand (zwa = understand)
Angazi - I don't know (remember, starting with an "a" and ending with an "i" makes a verb negative)

Ok tshomi, hlala kahle (ok buddy, stay well)

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