Like, love and "uku" before a verb

Linjani bangani? (How are you friends?) Today I want to tell you about the word "thanda", which means to like or to love in isiNdebele.

Ngiyathanda- I like/ love it
Ngiyakuthanda= I love you  (a very useful one for when you mean it)

Lami ngiyathanda ukubona ilanga- I myself like/ love to see the sun
ilanga= sun
lami= myself, e.g. lami futhi= me too
bona= see, 

uku in front of a verb makes it "to do..." e.g ukubona= to see, ukuthanda= to like/ love

A common isiNdebele girl's name is Thandi, which is a beautiful name and means "loved one".

That is all for today, and yes, it was inspired by Valentine's day.

Lala kuhle bangane (sleep well friends)

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