Ndebele Occupations- updated

Yebo bangane, linjani? (Yes friends, how are you?)

Here are some names of common occupations

umtshayeli= driver ( from tshayela= to drive)
hulumende= government
udokotela= doctor
umpheki (from the verb stem "pheka"- to cook)= cook
umbalisi= teacher (perhaps from bala= to read)
sidetrackbhala (to write) and bala (to read).
umphathisikolo= headmaster (from isikolo= school)

To say what you're occupation is, you would use "ngingu-".
e.g. udokotela is a doctor so you would say ngingudokotela (I am a doctor)
unesi is a nurse so you would say ngingunesi (I am a nurse)
A: Ngingudokotela
B: Hayi, mina ngingunesi! (No way, me, I am a nurse!) [This is the correct way of emphasizing.]
A: Hawu, kuhle sibili! Haha. (Wow, very nice)

So what does ngingumbalisi, ngingumtshayeli and ngingumpheki mean?

Ngizakuhamba esikolo ukukhuluma lombalisi- I will go to school to talk to the teacher

Sahle kahle (stay well)

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