Useful Little Ndebele Words

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Kulungile, for those in the community who are keen to learn some of those little but useful connecting words in Ndebele khathesi, here you go:

kuhle - good/ well
kodwa - but
ngoba - because
njenga - like
kuphela - only (as in, "just this alone")
futhi - again
nxa - when, as in "when I was young".
njani? - how?
ngaphi? - where?
-ni? - what?
ngubani? - who? (such as okabani? - whose?)
nini? - when?
njalo - also/ and
ngakho - therefore
kakhulu - very much (as in "thank you very much")
masinyane - soon
kancinyane - a little bit
njengoba - since
lanxa - although
kumbe  - or
khathesi - now
kubi - badly/ poorly
-vele - always
-hlana - quite pretty (from -hle, pretty)

Sahle kuhle, bakithi.

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