Ndebele Names for Domestic Animals

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There have been some questions in the emails and community questions about animals, numbers, and other topics for us to cover in the future. Thanks to those in the community who have been answering the questions, siyabonga. We have answered some in this post, like isilwane means a lion. Here are some domestic animals though, for the animal lovers:

Inkomo - a cow
Ubabhemi - a donkey
Imbuzi - a goat
Inja - a dog
Umangoye - a cat
Ingulube - a pig
Inkukhu - a chicken

Lapha kule'nkukhu na? - Are there any chickens here?
Qaphela inja - Watch out for the dog!

Kulungile, here are the numbers in isiNdebele again (1 to 10):

Isitshiyangalo mbili
Isitshiyangalo lunye

Did we miss any out? What is your favourite domestic animal? 

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Can you guess these bonus numbers: ikhulu, inkulungwane, isigidi? (Clue: They're getting bigger). Leave a comment below.

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