Northern Ndebele Words to Tell a Story of How You're Feeling

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Kulungile. We have some more lessons up in our Lessons tab, for those who would like to learn more there. Otherwise, see our other tabs, and answer/ ask some questions in the Community Questions tab. Lamhla, let us look at a dozen Ndebele phrases for how you're feeling (or how I am feeling at the moment, for some of these, haha).

Ngomile/ ngiwomile - I am thirsty
Ngibambekile - I am busy (always the case)

Ngidiniwe - I am feeling tired (too much blogging maybe)
Ngilambile - I am hungry (but...)
Ngilindile - I am waiting (for lunch time now)
Ngicaphukile - I am annoyed (that it's not lunchtime yet) 
Emini ngiyalambile - at the afternoon, I become hungry
Ngisuthi - I am full/ satisfied (for after eating, not yet)
Ngicakile - I am thin (because of the above)
Ngizimukile - I am fat (maybe after lunch)
Uhlakaniphile - You are clever (yes, you are)
Ngiphuzile - I am late (so...)
Ngifanele ukuhamba khathesi (I have to go now). 

Salani kuhle bangane.

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