Ndebele words for feeling sick and covid19

Salibonani bangane. We hope you are staying healthy during this coronavirus emergency. Some of the guidelines are:

  • Ukugezisa izandla (to wash your hands) with soap for at least 20 seconds to help ukubulala (to kill) the virus on your hands.
  • To keep a distance of about 3 metres from other people (so rather wave for now than shake izandla).
  • Ukukhangela nxa uyagula (to watch out for a fever/ cough), and call udokutela (the doc) on the phone if you notice this.

We hope that the spread of the virus can be slowed, and that those who have it can recover. We hope people can stay home, and during this time the phrase "distance learning" is quite fitting. We hope you can continue to learn Ndebele on this site, while you are ekhaya (at home), and of course we welcome comments and any community questions and answers. Kuhle, so here are some sentences:

Siyahlala ekhaya (We are staying at home)
Ngizakuhamba esitolo ukuthenga isinkwa (I am going to the shop to buy bread).
Ngicathabanga umngan'ami uyagula (I think my friend is sick).

Hlala endlini bakhithi, stay safe and let us hope for a speedy recovery of those of us who are sick.

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