Expressing your Feelings in isiNdebele

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Lamhla, let us look at a summary of the feelings in isiNdebele. Once you know these words, you can express how you feel better. That is your emotions, not just "to feel with your fingers" which for interest's sake uses the verb "ukuphuthaza". For more about writing sentences, we have over 42 lessons up on the Lessons tab for you to learn isiNdebele formally:


Remember that "uku-" in front of a verb just means "to".

To cry - ukukhala (or ukulila),

Win - -nqoba, -phumelela, -ahlula,

Gentle - -chuma, 

Happy - -thokoza, -thaba,

Rejoice - -jabula,

Sad - -dana, 

Frown - -hwaqa, (-jamela is to frown angrily at someone/something),

Fear/fearful - -esaba (-tshaywa luvalo)/ -esabeka,

Disgust - -cunuka, -cunula, -nenga,

Anger - -hlukuluza, -caphula, -zondisa, -thukuthelisa. If you have a bad temper (Wena ulaka),

Surprised - -mangala,

Silly/ foolish - -phukuzela, -ganga, ubuthutha,

Embarrassed - -phoxa,

Confused - -dideka, -phithizeka, phambanisa, 

Different - -ahluka,

Excited - -duda, -phaphatheka, -vusa, -phakazela,

Sympathise - -khalela, -zwela, -lilela,

Shy - umuntu olenhloni,

Calm - -thula, -thulisa, ukuthula,

Disappointed - -dumala,  -dumaza, -dana, -danisa,

Frustrated - -jiyeza, -jiyeka,

Sick - -gula,

Sneeze - -thimula (it is like a feeling),

Dirty - -ngcolisa,

Contempt - ukudelela.

Which others do you know? Leave a comment with other feeling words that you think of.

Here are example sentences:

uchumile - she is gentle.

siyathabile/ siyathaba - we are happy.

udanile - she is sad.

sahlukene lalabobantu - we are different from those people.

izinto lezi zahlukile - these things are different.

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Sahle kuhle.

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