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Salibonani bangane (hello friends). If you are new, please start at the first post at the bottom and work your way up to this, the newest post.

Lamhla, we have some exciting news. The Northern Ndebele Phrasebook written by a community member, is available. Amhlophe, we will be emailing it for free to anyone who is interested. If you don't get your copy, just pop us an email again at northernndebeleblog@gmail.com, as we are only human and can make mistakes, haha. It is a simple book but hopefully the 100 Ndebele phrases will especially help those asking about sentence construction and everyday phrases in isiNdebele. We also hope that this book and any others will inspire others to write their own books, which we can distribute or share when they are available. Be inspired and keep moving forward!

We post new lessons on the Ndebele lessons tab, so go there for going on 50 lessons for you to learn isiNdebele formally:


Ok, so since we're talking about books, here are some bonus "back to school" related words and phrases in isiNdebele:

Book - ibhuku,

Read - bala,

Write - bhala,

Learn - funda (remember ukufunda is the verb "to learn")

Thank - bonga (Ngiyabonga - I thank you),

Think - cabanga,

Time - isikhathi (angila sikhathi - I don't have time). So I'll see you next time, kusasa (tomorrow).

Ok, which others do you know? Leave a comment with other back-to-school or book related words that you think of.

Siyabonga and thanks also to those who are answering and asking questions in the Community Questions tab.

If you would like to work with us, please email northernndebeleblog@gmail.com, otherwise, enjoy your Northern Ndebele Phrasebook to those who receive the email soon.

Sahle kuhle.

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